SteveJob Success

Forbesarticle by Carmine Gallo entitled, “The 7 Innovation Secrets ofSteve Jobs” lays down the principles or rules Steve Jobs usedduring his extraordinary career. The article shares step by step whatsteps managers should take in order to achieve organization success?The article on the Entrepreneur website entitled Steve JobsExtraordinary career showcases the struggles endured and achievementsthat Steve Jobs has experienced during his career. This article givesyou personal experience with Steve jobs(Gillmor).The guardian article entitle Steve Jobs: a man of contradiction andgenius brings out the good and the bad traits in Steve Jobs. Thearticle criticizes the Steve Job in various sections while trying tobring out the best in him. All in all, the magazines agree that theman was a genius and achieved a lot during his lifetime, but he alsohad his areas and forms of weakness.

Afterreading the articles, I can quantify Steve job success into threecategories: his ability to increase Apple sales over the years, hisability to innovate technologies that have reshaped the world and hisleadership styles. In the year 1977, Steve jobs launched Apple II,that led to $ 3million of sale by the first year. By the end of threeyears, the sales had reached a high of $ 200(Gillmor). Steve job was successful in that he was able to develop technologythat has redefined the world. Steve Job was amongst the first todevelop a graphical computer with a user interface capacity, aclicking system and a mouse system. Steve job was instrumental indeveloping and designing the I-Pads and I-Phone designs. Histechnical brilliance and ingenuity can be attributed to this paradigm– shifting machines.

Stevewas successful in his leadership styles, though he is gone, and theApple is still on the world map. He has inspired and challenged Appleemployees, fellow managers and many of the students across the world.Steve Job is a symbol of faith, possibility, devotion and hope(Gallo).In addition he stood for courage and persistence as fundamentalingredients in achieving everything in this world.

Inmy opinion, Steve jobs became successful by following his passion incomputers and machines to enrich other peoples’ lives(Fell).In addition, his technical brilliance, leadership styles andsalesmanship skills helped Jobs solve people’s problem.

Inmy opinion, the primary reason Steve jobs succeed in this industrywas because of his ability to have a vision. Steve job knew where hewanted to be in the next few years, and he was able to visualize acustomer’s needs and desires. Apart from that, Steve’s ability topersuade others to pursue his dream greatly contributed to hissuccess(Fell).For example, Steve was able to convince Wozniak to sell hiscalculator to raise enough capital to develop, apple I. Steve jobsdid not fear to public shunning nor critiqued. Moreover, he embracednew challenges and found ways to solve them.

Inconclusion, Steve jobs ability to visualize different designs forvarious devices helped him succeed in a competitive industry.Additionally, Steve Jobs was able to accomplish his success becausehe aligned his goals, objectives and visions with like minds in theindustry.Also, Jobs learnt how to listen and lead others. Stevetechnical expertise and salesmanship played a role in achieving thatheight of success.


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