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Whenthe government has no clue on the where about of about eleven millionpeople who are residents in the United States then you need to worry.As a person you need to be worried about your safety, your familysafety and your business security. For this reason, Congress shouldhasten the immigration reform process. This paper focuses on thedifferent solutions put forward by the democrats and republicanscongress members. In addition to that, it highlights the impact ofthe illegal migrants in United States of America and provides variouseffective recommendations to solve the illegal immigrants’ problem.

Tosolve for the immigration issues, Democrats have suggested ideas thatcut across various sectors. In order to solve for the problemsundergone by immigrants to obtain citizenship, the democrats proposedto give the illegal immigrants citizenry. For the citizenship grant,one must agree to undergo and pass a couple of background checks andbe a taxpayer.

Inaddition to that, democrats offered to perfect the citizenshipbacklog so that they can hasten the citizenship process. In addition,the democrats hope to empower the illegal immigrants by offeringEnglish languages that enable them to communicate better with thenatives. To protect the illegal immigrants from the employers, thedemocrats have rejected the calls for guest worker programs(TETER).Additionally, the democrats have supported unitary policies thattreat all individuals in the society equally. In summary, theDemocrats hope to ease the Immigration rules in the United States.

Therepublicans do not sponsor amnesty grant to immigrants as a way ofsolving the immigration problems. They insist the rule of law shouldbe followed to the letter. In addition, the Republican insists on theuse of US –Visit system that identifies all visitors that enter andleave the country. Republicans have also sponsored the e-verificationsystem to identify all the immigrants(TETER).More so republicans call for an increase in border patrols andincreased policepower for deportation. In general Republican wantsto toughen the immigration rules in the United States of America.

TheUS president signed the dreamer’s act that deferred the childarrival program. The law allowed the children born in America or whocame to America with the illegal immigrants to live in Americawithout fear of deportation. These children have been bred in theUnited States and therefore the new law allows them to make positivecontributions to the country rather than be deported to their mothercountry. Additionally the president used his executive order toprovide an opportunity for illegal immigrants to join the army(TETER).The program is open to immigrants who fall under the Deferred Actionfor Child Arrivals category.

Themedia portray the immigrant issue as a political issue between therepublicans and democrats. The media voices are the voice of thepeople and therefore should strive to expose it as a nationaldisaster that needs national attention. Moreover, the media shouldbring forth the major issues facing the immigrants rather than topoliticize the issues.

Theeleven million immigrants provide an enormous market for the UnitedStates products and services resulting in increased jobs and growthopportunities for firms in the country. In addition, the Immigrantsbring along with them the entrepreneurial tendencies. Theentrepreneurial tendencies have a vast positive effect on the UnitedStates economy. Immigrants contribute to the US significantly byacquiring various degrees in various sectors like technology,manufacturing, engineering and business. Highly skilled immigrantshave transformed the US creative and innovative industry that hasresulted in many opportunities for growth. Looking at the number ofPatents allocated to the Immigrants one can assess the impact of theimmigrants in the United States Companies. The graph represents theshare of immigrants’ business ownership in 25 largest metropolitansin the US. The businesses create employment to millions of UScitizens and generate revenue for the nation.

Immigrantsmanage to enter USA due to the porous nature of its’ long borders.Therefore, the government should secure its border through theincrease in the number of border patrols, border point checks andincrease aerial survey(TETER).After solving issues relating to US borders, the government shouldtake critical steps to deal with the current illegal immigrants inthe country.

Theaim of immigration rules is to identify those who get into and out ofthe United States. Therefore, in line with that objective theGovernment should grant citizenship to the illegal migrants in theircountry(TETER).Granting Citizenship has both positive and negative impacts to the USeconomy, but the positive aspects outweigh the negative aspects.Firstly, granting citizenship to immigrants ensures that security isenhanced in the country as well as increase revenue for the differentstates. In addition, granting citizenship will rejuvenate theentrepreneurial culture in the country thus improving the economicactivities. In conclusion, solving the immigration issue translatesto a better and safer America.


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