Inventionand music

Musicis amongst the oldest cultures and traditions in the human society.According to K Stockhausen article Music, is an art. I agree with himon the concept that the beginning of any music development whereverin the world starts with the art of shaping and combining the varioussounds in nature. Also importantly, it is true to say that the reasonmost individuals enjoy Music is because it is a product of thehighest levels of human intelligence, knowledge, intuition, sensesand imagination. Without these aspects, Pierre Boulez believes thatmusic cannot exist. In addition to that he emphasizes on theimportance of a combination of the intellectual elements, spiritualelements, mental elements and invention as the key element thatsupport the existence of music. The aim of this paper is to reflecton the musical journey and explore factors that have added value tothe music creation and development over the period.

Musiccomposition, instruments, material have changed fundamentally overtime. Music inventions have helped in the music composition processin that they have helped in the combination of various sounds,rhythms’, timbre, timing and many other aspects that have helpedproduce great pieces of music. Great inventors like Moog Robert, whoinvented the Audio Synthesizer helped musician gain more controlover the kind of sounds they produced by helping them make variationsto a music note. Variations included the speed of sound, number ofnotes, frequency and many other sounds dynamics. Other great musicinventors like Donald Buchla, was involved in the development of highmusic composition languages and refinement of music instrument. Alsoimportantly, his development of biofeedback music instrument helpedshape the music structure in ways never imagine. Therefore, in myview music creation and development still continues to develop inmany aspects providing for a change in the quality of sound profile.

Itis fundamentally vital for young artists and music producers torealize that music is an identity. They should strive to be unique inthe music composition process. They should not always go with themusic trend. They should strive to identify and reach theirindividual and market niche. Additionally, according to KStockhausen, music composers should make sure they have anunderstanding of various musical styles, materials in order todevelop great musical pieces. Therefore, making music replicas is afutile and a waste of time process in the society.

Insummary, music creation is a complex process. Coming up with a greatmusical piece involves a lot of time, creativity, technology,geniuses and combination of many other different aspects of musicdynamic. Also importantly, the study of nature and different musicalstyles aspects from various sections of the globe helps in creationsof great musical pieces. In addition to that, it is difficult toignore the role musical inventions have played in the musicalcreation and development. In fact, some of the greatest musicalpieces ever created like Art of the Fuge by Johann Sebastian Bach orthe Musikalishe Opfer, involved a lot of musical dynamics, inventionsand sheer hard work. Lastly, although musical inventions have helpedrevolutionize the musical composition, creation and enhancement, alot has to be effected so as to make sure that the musician remainsauthentic, original and creative. The musician should take advantageof the new technology, strive to avoid repetition and strive to beunique in the market.