Counseling and Suffering


Counselingand Suffering

Counselingand Suffering

Sufferingis the state of being in pain, distress, depression, agony, illnesseswhich are as a result of many conditions. To counsel a sufferingperson, a counselor should focus on the causes discomfort, weightloss, stress, less work performance and even poor health (Ladany&amp Inman, 2008).Suffering includes, physical suffering, social suffering andspiritually suffering. Therefore, counseling is necessary for Peopleexperiencing any kind of suffering for inner healing.

Asa counselor, I will accompany my client through a journey of his orher suffering. Listen keenly to her problems and give him or her timeto express his or her feelings and pains. As a counselor, I shouldempathize with the client and share with his or her experiences andhelp the person to open up. As a counselor, I will hear the point ofview of every problem that the suffering people are trying to copewith.

Whilelistening to the client I would advise him or her according to theChristian point of understanding and explain the meaning of sufferingand why people undergo through them. I will share with my client theexperiences of the people in the bible who underwent many sufferings,yet they trusted in God. I would use a direct method of counseling tohelp the client identify her problem and adopt an appropriatesolution.

Counselingis a necessary practice, but it is only sufficient to guide a persontowards his or her healing. Despite the effectiveness, counselingdoes not remove all suffering (Ladany&amp Inman, 2008).This is because counseling does not give direct solutions to thefinancial, physiological or spiritual problems. The objective ofcounseling is not to remove all suffering, but to identify innerstrength and potential of the sufferer to overcome his/hersufferings.


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