Conspiracy Theory


Conspiracytheory refers to an explanation where two or more people deliberatelyplan an action in an illegal or harmful situation. It is usuallyintriguing especially where there is a perceived existence of evilforces. One of the most interesting conspiracy theories claims thatTupac Shakur is still alive. Born in 1971, Tupac Shakur was arenowned musician who released several hit albums. He was alsoinvolved in criminal acts that led to his imprisonment. He was laterreleased from imprisonment, before he met his death in September 1996at the age of 25 (Bio). He was shot several times and seven dayslater, he died from internal bleeding. He died at exactly 4.03pm onSeptember 13, 1996. His body was cremated the following day and themembers of Outlawz used his ashes to smoke marijuana. Tupac’s deathattracts several conspiracy theories claiming that he is still alive.One of the most profound conspiracy theory is that he was cremated aday after his death. There was no ceremony or any ceremony to sendhim off. The only thing people know about his death and send off isthat he was shot and his ashes used to smoke marijuana. People areskeptical about this considering that he was reckoned public figure.

Tupacdied in the evening and the following members of outlawz cremated hisbody even before an autopsy was conducted. Typically, when a persondies an autopsy is conducted to ascertain his/her death (Prayson 9).However, in the case of Tupac, an autopsy was not performed on him.This is a strange thing to especially for a person who was wellknown. There was no further explanation about the death of Tupacexcept for the fact that he was shot and severely injured. Eventhough, the fact that an autopsy was not conducted on Tupac is notproof enough to declare for sure that he faked his death. Likewise,cremating him the following day does not mean that he never reallydied.

Theother reason why Tupac is believed to be alive is that his ashes werenot seen after cremation. The declaration by the Outlawz that theyused his ashes to smoke marijuana is highly controversial. Cremationis a ritual that takes place in the presence of family members andfriends. Being a celebrity, it would have been expected that friendsand family were informed of the rituals. Further, there would havebeen at least some few pictures from the ritual. It is very strangethat even to date there are no pictures of Tupac’s showing his bodyor being cremated. Nonetheless, there is still no proof that Tupacwas not cremated. It is possible that this is how the members decidedto do with one of their own.

Thepublic was not informed of any funeral or a sort of arrangement tosend the famous musician off. In most occasions, the death of apublic figure calls the attention of many people and there is alwaysa big ceremony to send him off. However, for tupac, people only heardthe news that he was already sent off by the members of Outlawz, andhis ashes smoked with marijuana (Celebrity Life). There was not asign of his send off ceremony. It came as a shock to many people andespecially his fans. Nevertheless, this reason does not justify thathe is alive. Tupac was a strange person and could have decided whenstill alive to have him send off in a strange way. It may be also aculture of his group to cremate the bodies of members and use theashes for their own purposes.

Conspiracytheories lack profound evidence or truth. The conspiracy theory onTupac’s death is an example of such a theory that lacks evidence inits argument. There is no single proof that indeed Tupac is alive.All the reasons mentioned that he may be alive are just merespeculations. Tupac was shot several times and was taken to thehospital where he fought for his life before the doctors confirmedhim dead. The fact that he was cremated the following day does notprove that he did not die. Tupac belonged to a strange group thatcould have a unique culture. Similarly, Tupac may have wanted to becremated immediately after his death and his ashes used for smokingmarijuana. The eye witnesses confirmed that Tupac was shot andseverely injured before he succumbed a few days later. The doctorsalso confirmed that he died because of the injuries he got fromseveral gun shots. No one has traced Tupac who is said to be aliveuntil now. It is also confusing why such a celebrated person wholoved attention could fake his death. He would have preferred to livea celebrated life being worshipped by fans than going silent for therest of his life. This conspiracy theory is based on merespeculations and little or no facts.


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