Theconceptions that I learnt in unit one was search and seizure, thegun-control control controversy, the right to counsel, to counsel,obtaining information legally and bails, fines and punishment. Theconceptions that have changed since then touch on the gun-controlcontrol controversy and obtaining information legally. I hadinitially taken a strong stand against gun control and saw no use ofhaving to obtain information legally. However, after understandingthe different laws that are involved and hearing arguments for andagainst both items, my thinking became more flexible.

Ihave also learnt new factors about employment law. Other than theindividual laws which dictate the rights of individual employees,there are besides tripartite laws. The three-party laws concernthemselves with the relationship between the employer,the employeesand the unions representing both sides. I have also learnt alsolearnt of the existence of international labour laws. These are theEuropean Union laws, work in multiple countries` laws, World TradeOrganisation laws and International Labour Organization laws.

Onething that I understand better with the help of this course is theconcept of obtaining information legally. Initially, I was of theopinion that nothing was to stand in the way of justice. If gettingcertain information meant that justice would be done, then it did notmatter whether the information was obtained legally or illegally. Thecourse material helped me realise that justice should be wholesome.Obtaining information illegally may mean interfering with the rightsof other people (Orthmann 2012). This in itself would be injustice,therefore, beating the purpose of getting the information in thefirst place.

Finally,I have learnt that to understand any given situation or argumentbetter, it is important that you first understand all sides affectingit. This you can do by giving all the sides an opportunity to explainwhat happened before coming up with a decision about a situation orargument.

Thecourse was very interesting and educating because it opened my eyesto very many new things which I did not know affected me. It met myexpectations at every level. The only way I can think of making itbetter is constantly updating the content to indicate the mostcurrent changes.


HarrJ.S, Hess M.H &amp Orthmann C.H (2012). Constitutional Law and theCriminal Justice System. Wadsworth. Belmont CA. Print.