Computer/Information Security Career Profile Number

Computer/InformationSecurity Career Profile


Computer/InformationSecurity Career Profile

Thefourth edition, Introductionto security: Operations and managementare the updated version of the book by Ortmeier, and it presents theglobal view of security as well as its practical application ofdifferent security principles. It entails security managementprinciples &amp practices. It gives numerous coverage on securityand about ‘security management courses’. The career opportunitychosen is a Computer / Information Security one of the many specificcareer within the chosen career opportunity is the (InformationSystem Security), which entails technical prowess in evaluatingweaknesses, setting up protecting structures/systems, andtroubleshoot critical system issues) (Ortmeier, 2013).


JobtitleInformationSecurity Analyst

EmployerABC Commercial Bank (banking and financial services)

Michigan,United States

Jobdescription and dutiesInformation Analyst will be required to provide the necessarysecurity for the institution`s data and information from possibleattacks and theft (Whitten, 2008).

  • Setting up and execution of security measures to protect data and computer systems/networks

  • Update to the latest intelligence, such as hacker’s methodologies, to anticipate possible security breaches.

  • Prevent loss of data and service interruption through implementing new technology to protect the organization’s network

  • Creating, implementing and testing network-disaster recovery tactics

  • Undertaking risk assessments as well as carrying out tests for data processing methods

  • Installing security measures i.e. data encryption and firewall installation

  • Advising on best security improvements and purchases

  • Instructing/training staff on network/information security measures

RequiredSkills General skills, communication, be creative,compliance and leadership, andteamwork. Specialized skills network penetrationskills, knowing how data moves around the network,network-engineering skills, system administration, experience inincident handling as well as training and recruiting

Educationspecifications theinformation system analyst should at least a Degree inComputer engineering, programming, Science or any other relatedfield. Master of Business Administration in Information Systems is anadded advantage. Other professional certifications, which may beimportant include (CISSP)Certified-Information-Systems-Security-Professionaland Certified Information Security Manager (Shihet al, 2009).

Salaryrange with reference towork experience, market factors and education level, an acceptablesalary bracket would be a starting contract worth $ 120000 basicsalary annually. This would be offered in spans of 3 years contractsubject based on different factors. Other benefits include medicalinsurance, house allowance among

Interestsproviding reliable information security, overseeing theimplementation of relevant security measures, enhancing and providingtop level security on organization systems and data

PersonalityTraits &amp StyleAmbitious, Loyal, Optimistic, Practical,Persistent, hardworking, team player and open to challenges

ContactPerson: James Morrison, Steven,


Humanresource department,

ABCCommercial Bank,

Michigan,United States


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