Comparing and Contrasting Two Essays


Comparingand Contrasting Two Essays

Comparingand Contrasting Two Essays and Quotes

Inthe “Wonder Woman” essay, Steinem is exposed as a famousfeminist, who explains the power possessed by the comic womancharacter. Stein quotes &quotwomenare superior to men because they have love in addition to force&quot(Steinem 1977). Steinem explains that the reason children getattracted to superheroes and comic books is because the financescreated with them have psychological necessity. She alludes that whenfind trouble trying their shoes to escape from the world view that isusually composed of knees and belts. In the essay “My creature fromthe black lagoon”, king alludes that several adults seem not tohave their sense of &quotwonder&quot anymore (Steinem 1977). As aresult, they hesitate from letting go of their youth-boundimagination. King quotes “Children live in a world where much oflife is scary” (King, 2003).Pragmatism and socialization have greatly impacted on people’swillingness to venture into the world of occult and horror. Inparagraph eight, King speaks about adults as unable to carry theburden of fantasy. He alludes that their muscles of the imaginationare feeble.

Inparagraph eight, the middle passage in particular Steinem hasdescribed the comics appeal from the perspective of a boy. In heressay, Steinem talks about the reality that women face in their life.There is unfounded discrimination against women. On the other hand,King deals with imaginations rather than reality. His essay focusesmuch on the imagination differences between children and adults.Stein introduces the aspect of roleplaying, for example, in the“reading of the boy’s comics through the eyes of a girl” (King,2003).The comparison of the boy’s comics and the wonder woman is anattempt to establish and bring the causal relationship the culturalattitudes and the representation of a woman (King,2003).King tries to expose the cruelty that resides in the minds of thepeople. For example, “Cruella DeVille’s” or “Bambi’s fathershot by the hunter.” Even in a non-violent society, exposure tothis kind of media is likely to make the children violent based onpsychology and imagination.

Kingexpresses the possibility of maintaining a healthy mind, regardlessof the media content to which the children are exposed to. He arguesthat provided the imaginations take control of the responses ratherthan allowing the medium itself to control the reactions, and then itwould be possible to keep psychological health from erosion byflights of fantasy. However, I disagree with King. When children aregrowing up, they learn so much from the environment and people aroundthem. What they see adults do, they believe it is right for them todo the same. According to Muller (1997), children usually try and putin practice what they learn in theory. Thus, when they get exposed tohorror, they are likely to become more violent, especially towardstheir peers. In addition, they may find it right to use any weaponsat their disposal whenever they are enraged.

InMarie Winn’s “The Plug-In Drug” I can make reference to thequote “television addiction.” This essay tries to expose thedangers of media. Media spoils because it erodes someone’sattitudes and character, and feed him or her with the content that isaired. It interferes with the social skills of an individual. Thesame way, exposing children to horror and fantasy movies is likely tointerfere with their social development. They become unable toexpress themselves and become violent.


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