Compare and Contrast

Compareand Contrast


Compareand Contrast

Privateand public administration provide various similar services and attimes they even reflect each other. However, there are distinctivedissimilarities when comparing the two types of administration. Thecomponents of their obligations have some differences, eachcontaining its advantages and disadvantages. Public law enforcementagencies and private security agencies have a lot of related goals.These include:

  • Ensuring the security of people and property,

  • Identifying criminals, and

  • Preventing crime and disorder.

Publiclaw enforcement agencies and private security agencies can bothprovide services within the same country without interfering with oneanother. Nonetheless, there are differences in the qualifications andduties of these two types of administrations. Private companiestypically rely upon private security agencies, whereas the ordinarypeople expect security from the police force (More, 2012).

Privatesecurity agencies provide organizations with additional protectionthat a public law enforcement agencies would simply not be capable ofhandling efficiently. Due to the accountabilities of public lawenforcement officers to the citizens, public police must passcertification and requirements training.

Thedifferences of public law enforcement agencies and private securityagencies have implications that hinder the effectiveness of theirservice. Considering the challenges (such as terrorism) facing modernsociety, public and private security administrations should sharesafety as a concern. Even though, the private security firm’sefforts are mostly centered on privately owned property, criticalinfrastructures and community policing, public law enforcementagencies work in a public environment platform dealing with crimeprevention and general public (Ortmeier, 2013).

Asstated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, citizens should beprotected by the public police officers who are sworn to protect andmake necessary arrests. Private security officers are normallyenlisted by organizations to protect organization`s assets orproperty. Private security personnel approach public police officersto resolve issues that happen on private property. Hence, bothentities need to work hand in hand for their optimal effectiveness oftheir service.


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