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CommuterPoint of View

CommuterPoint of View

Letterto the editor

Ibring to your attention the terrible state of parking for studentswho commute at Stetson. I fail to understand why both theadministration and the students have not yet vocalised the lack ofparking spots yet it is clear this is a looming crisis. Does the lackof parking spots mean commuter students will have to walk to school?Does it make sense at all to have an entire administration scramblingfor the same parking spots with the students? Preposterously, no oneseems to care, yet the campus administration even seems to bedeveloping a framework of adding the number of students and theteachers. If at all right now the situation is a nightmare, what doesit means when there might be a thousand more people? How worse couldit not get?

Onthis particular day, I recount having to get a parking spot from theteacher`s spot since I could not have a ticket to park at the studentspot. It is irritating to wonder what would happen if I have to lockout a teacher from the parking and they will have to park their carin the students section that is if they will be lucky to find a spotthere. Still getting the ticket to park at the teacher`s spot isenough trouble for a day. Funny enough, students who live in campushave their own designated spots which only can be used to them. Theyare never taken which means they always have spaces available forparking. It makes me wonder whether the commuter students are anydifferent to those students who live in the campus. Does theadministration indirectly hope to tell us to find a way to live inthe campus so we could enjoy these benefits? Or does it mean that weare not a part of the Stetson University hence we should only find away to be in class and leave

Ihave always known that the duty of the university is to teachstudents to manage their time, make it appropriate for them to learnto be on time. If this is one such move, then I’d say our campus isstill in the Stone Age period. I hear some students claiming theyarrive many hours to school just to find a parking spot. Otherslament they would come in very early only to find all the parkingslots occupied. In the end they lose much more of their time thanthey would hope to manage

Withthis letter I hope at least the administration of the school will beopen up the eyes or so they should issue a directive whether studentswho want to join the campus need only to live in the surroundings ofthe schools. I also hope they will at least be courteous enough andmake the commuters feel part of a different team other than thiscampus. Because at it is I personality feel so much worse knowing theenvironment around me is not conducive and accommodative of me. Ialso hope the administration will find a way of demarcating how weshould coexist with those students who live in the campus in as faras i can tell this is a disaster in waiting.