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refers to the activity of conveying sort of information throughexchange of intentions, feelings, attitudes, and perceptions, as byspeech or non-verbal gestures. It is divided into two the verbal andnon-verbal communication. requires a sender, medium andrespondent.

occurs when a signal carries information that bears the messagebetween a sender and a receiver. All species do communicate, but thehuman communication tends to be notable due to its precision andflexibility. Language encompass human communication system with thegenerality, displacement and semantically. The aspects allow peopleto formulate unlimited number of the meaningful masterpiece messagesthat are linked to the immediate present. Verbal messages are spokenand audible words. Verbal messages tend to convey the real meaningsof what the speaker has encoded in the words of utterances.Similarly, the listener has to understand the statements and literalmeaning of words grasped in a sense that the speaker is expected tobe understood (Beattie&amp Ellis 2014, p.6).

Accordingto Beattieet al (2014, p.8),communication systems operate on the same principle regardless thembeing simple or complicated. They entail signals, which transmitmessages from the source to the destination. usessymbols, and signs as a form of messages. In addition, the languageis the only symbol the humans use in communicating. In humancommunication, the processing devices tend to be the people.Additionally, the mental representation or ideas are the realrepresentations.

Non-verbalcommunication refers to the process of communication whereby sendingand receiving words tend o be wordless cue between people. Expertsreveal that the non-verbal communication seems to be the mostsubstantial form of communication. People use cues that are morenonverbal in everyday life (Skillsyouneed (n.d). They include facialexpressions, tone of voice, eye-gaze, and gestures. This type ofcommunication represents a large portion of communication. It goesfurther ever to portray the verbal communication.


is the key to all activities being done in the universe. Allcreatures do communicate, only that human do recognize itseffectiveness.


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