Communication, Project Success And Software Development Number

Communication,Project Success And Software Development


Waysto Improve Communication between a Technical and a Business Person

Poorcommunication in an organization or between people such astechnicians and business people, is a sure way to damage any givenproject relationship. One major problem between technical andbusiness people is that, they have different approaches as well asdifferent language (Campbell,2009).However, communication between the two can be improved, translatingand educating each other. The technicians should be ready totranslate some technical terms which may be unclear to the businessperson. Communication an also be improved through the use creativecommunication tools such as pictures, videos in order to engage eachother. Additionally, technicians can help improve communications bytalking about people and actions instead of codes and system, thishelps accommodate the business who may not understand the codes. Boththe technical and business people should recognize each other’sstrengths and also accommodate their differences, and this would helpin teaming up for success. Other ways to improve communicationinclude, strengthening their connections and creating open dialoguebetween the two (Campbell,2009).

Measuresto Implement In Order To Make a Successful Project

Numerousprojects have been undertaken in different categories, however, thesuccess of any given project depends on numerous factors such aseffective planning. Poor planning has as well led to unsuccessfulprojects. Various aspects can lead to unsuccessful projects. Inaddition to planning, there are other aspects that can be implementedin order to increase chances of a project being successful. Asuccessful project can be said to be the one that meets one`sobjectives, delivered and maintained on schedule.

Differentfactors contribute to the success of any project. These includeformation of clearly articulated goals and objectives of the project,as well as concrete project milestones. Implementation of an activeexecutive support, giving shared vision throughout the projectperiod. Another key factor for a project to be successful is the useof a competent team which is committed to the accomplishment of aproject. Finally, effective communication within the parties involvedin a project is an essential tool for a project to be successful(Campbell,2009).

Settinga Project Communication Plan That Would Make a Project Successful

Aproject success plan can be a platform which ensures that all thestaff, stakeholders and all parties involved continues on the rightfooting towards the success of a project. Project communication is anessential tool for a project to be successful. Effective and opencommunications is significant to the achievement and success of anyproject (Street, 2013).. A communication plan helps in facilitatingefficient and effective communications within different players whohave a key stake in the project. A good plan includes elements suchas communication objectives, method and frequency of communication,the concept behind communication, as well as the target listeners.

Beloware steps for implementing a project communication arrangement(Street, 2013).

  • Communication objectives (identify objectives for the project)

  • Identify the target audiences (to whom is the communication intended)

  • Reasons behind communication to each of the involved parties (why are you communicating with them?)

  • Imperative communication messages

  • Information sources

  • Frequency of communication

  • Format and delivery mechanisms

  • The messenger

  • Communication objective and measurement of success.

DifferentSoftware Development for Hardware Platforms

Softwaredevelopment in recent times has been on the rise as differenthardware’s has seen different software’s developed for them.Different platforms have a different functionality ad in turnrequires different software for different functions. Yes, theseplatforms require different software development. One major meritconnected to the development of different numerous software’s isthat it helps to meet the exact needs of the hardware users.Different software’s are meant for different purposes, hence thedevelopment of numerous of such software’s gives the clients achance to choose the best in reference to his/her purpose.Development of software’s also helps the developer to easilycustomize the application, in order to meet the customer’spreferences, and increase his/her satisfaction finally it increasesthe company value through competitive advantage.


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