Collage of Business Speakers

Collageof Business Speakers


Collageof Business Speakers

Dr.Cencola covered the topic on accounting. In order to understandaccounting, the speaker highlighted various aspects which anindividual needs to acknowledge. They include financial statements,business language, and business transactions-recording and storing ofinformation. Accounting entails problem-solving, communication,documentation, as well as decision making. It is always important tooffer timely and accurate accounting information. Cencola also talkedabout the duties of accountants, tax accountants, auditors, andcontrollers. Accountants have the responsibility of managing money ina business and balancing business accounts. Those with skills areresponsible for developing accounting information systems. Taxaccountants are responsible for preparing tax returns, researchingissues concerning taxes, and offering tax planning. Auditors, carryout compliance, operational, as well as forensic audits. Lastly,controllers are responsible for tracking company costs anddetermining product pricing, generating financial reports, creatingbudget, managing contract, as well as taking part in differentaspects of operational planning. Another area covered by the speakeris places in which accountants work. These include public and privatecompanies, public accounting and consulting firms, as well asgovernment and non-governmental organizations. In order to become asuccessful accountant, a person should have various strengths andinterpersonal skills. They include knowledge in accounting, excellentwritten and spoken communication skills, problem solving skills,strong organizational skills, self-motivated, and the ability tothink and reason broadly.

Thereis an accounting program that is taught by the award-winningaccounting faculty that has CPA licenses and real-world experience.It centers on real world application and experimental learning. Theaccounting program is among the 178 programs throughout the worldthat are certified by AACSB. The program is dedicated to integrity,professionalism, as well as ethical behavior. Individuals who havecompleted the required undergraduate major go direct into the Masterof Accounting Program without any difficulties.

Theother speaker was Sckott Jones who talked about marketing. Jones putforward three aspects in marketing which included how to sell aproduct, advertising and pricing. On pricing, he pointed out AppleInc. as being extremely good in using decoy pricing. Marketing isdefined as the procedure of planning and carrying out conception,pricing, promotion, and distribution of goods, services, and ideas.The four P’s of marketing include promotion, pricing, place andproducts. A product is the most important thing in a company as itnecessitates the employment of an accountant carrying out finance,and management. Besides, promotion, pricing and distribution requirean existing product. This is followed by market segmentation,targeting and positioning. While doing targeting, various steps arefollowed and they encompass: identifying a problem, identifying asolution, and being recognized as a manufacturer.

Dr.Fernandaz covered the topic on finance. The speaker focused onvarious areas on the topic including managing money by individual,private as well as public entity. He also talked about money and whatit is, bank management, and private investment banking. The latteraccording to the speaker assists companies in raising money. Lastly,the speaker talked about chief financial officer (CFO), who hedefined as a company’s financial leader.

Dr.Cross focused on the topic on Sports Management. The vision is togenerate sport business professionals with the capability to takepart in up-and-coming media and sponsorship. It focuses on teachingstudents management, marketing, and monetizing skills. The coursesoffered in sports management as explained by Cross include SPTB 201:Introduction to Sport Business. The course provides and synopsis ofthe sport industry, and the modern ethical and social issues insports. The second course is SPTB 320: Legal Concepts of SportBusiness. The course provides an overview of various laws includingthe law of contract, tort, and policy making. STPB: Sport Finance wasthe next course offered by the speaker. It contains various topicsincluding Revenue Acquisition, and Financial Planning andForecasting. The last course provided was SPTB: Sport BusinessAnalytics. It talks of utilizing and managing big data, marketing,monetizing, as well as sport products.

Dr.Dagal covered the topic on Family Business. The speaker explainedfamily business as just not a merely small company. They are bigcompanies comprising 90-95 % throughout the world. In order to ensurecredibility while carrying out one’s own responsibilities, skillshave been asserted as a major prerequisite. A course that helps indeveloping skills in family business is FE 235. Dr. Dagal offeredthree steps for individuals desiring to fit into family business.They include: finding out what your family is in the business,discovering what you want to achieve and your zone of comfort, andfinding out your way into family business. Another course offered onfamily business is FE 350, a Managerial course that talks about thestrategic values of a family. The third one is FE 360, a morecomprehensive course on Case Analysis. The last course is FE 355: Lawin the family business. This course enables individuals to know howfamily business is divided through family members. It also offersgood foundation regarding business succession. Finally, the speakeraffirmed that combining various majors such as family business andfinance was paramount.