WhyMarijuana should be Legalized: An argumentative Essay

Inmany American States, there is a hot debate whether Marijuana shouldbe legalized or not. States such as Colorado have already legalizeduse of marijuana having realized the harm restrictions and war ondrugs such as marijuana is inflicting on their citizens especiallythe youth, who are becoming jobless after their jobs gettingterminated by their employers. From the research I have conducted,many Americans are of the view that prohibition on marijuana has beenineffective and instead of helping in bringing up sane citizens it isincreasing the numbers of jobless citizens and rate of crime, makingmany youths waste their lives in prison. On the other hand, there arethose people of the opinion that marijuana ought not to be legalizeddue to the fact that, it will lead to more social, health andfinancial problems in the society. This essay aims at proving itsthesis that marijuana legalization will help in preventing very manysocial problems and will also help in building better relations atworkplaces.

Accordingto Vanden, it is the high time many American states put an end totheir war on drugs since it has ruined many lives which it was meantto save (par 1). Vanden points out that the ban on marijuana, whichwas passed by the Congress around 40 years ago has inflicted greatharm on the society and has made law-abiding citizens become joblessand hence criminals who waste their lives in prison. Voorhees pointsthat legalization of marijuana in many American states has becomeinevitable since many nations such as Colorado have already realizedthe negative impacts that prohibition of a less dangerous drug thanalcohol is having on their citizens especially at workplace (par 2).Voorhees explains that a large percentage of the Americans aresupporting legalization of marijuana with the argument that marijuanashould be made legal and taxed in order to make it expensive.

Accordingto an article appearing on the New York Times, prohibition onmarijuana use should be repelled (par, 1). New York Times EditorialBoard warns that restrictions on the use of marijuana is making somany Americans become criminals for a drug which is not as harmfuland as much abused like Alcohol and cocaine and is also making manypeople jobless and useless. TheNew York Times article points that there is an honest debate aboutthe negative health impacts of marijuana (par 3). (Gitlow, par 1)supports the debate against legalization of marijuana by pointingthat legalization of marijuana is not worth the risk American nationsis taking. Gitlow argues that marijuana apart from being addictive,it cause health, financial and many social problems. However, thearticle in the New York Times counters these claims by pointing outthat careful use of marijuana do not appear to pose any risk such asaddiction and dependency for healthy adults (par, 4). However, theNew York Times article warns that the use of marijuana can affect thepsychological development of young people and hence should not besold to people less than 21 years of age. It is crucial pointing outthat creating and implementing systems to regulate the manufactureand sale of marijuana is a bit challenging. However, (Vandel, par, 3)points out that such challenges can easily be overcome and could havebeen dealt with long time ago, if the federal government did notinsist on making marijuana production and use a federal crime.

Accordingto (Vanden, par, 3), there is irrefutable evidence from medicalresearches that marijuana has some medicinal value. Therefore, thereare some people who are treated with cannabis in order to improvetheir health condition. The fact that some employees may be marijuanapatients is a reason enough to call for legalization of marijuana.This will see to it that marijuana patients do not lose their jobsbecause of using marijuana for medical purposes. Legalization ofmarijuana will improve work relations among employees andparticularly between marijuana employees and their employers. Anarticle by Ferner describes a court case in the Supreme Court ofColorado where Mr. Brandon Coats a marijuana patient has challengedhis former employer Dish Network in Colorado Supreme Court aftergetting fired upon testing positive for marijuana (par, 1). It isbelieved that the development of this case might change the fact thatemployers have the right to fire marijuana employees even in stateswhere marijuana is legal. The sacking of Mr. Coats shows the extentto which illegalization of marijuana impacts on employer-employeework relations. It is not fair at all for a marijuana patient such asCoats to get his work terminated due to testing positive for a drughe used for medical reasons.


Fromthe essay it can be concluded that the fight against marijuana iscausing more harm on people and negatively impacting on workrelations. It is the high time that many American states realized thenegative impacts of banning and making marijuana illegal is having ontheir societies especially at workplaces where people continue tolose their jobs for testing positive for a substance far much lessharmful than alcohol and cocaine, which are highly abused.Legalization of marijuana is inevitable and the earlier the betterfor both the government and citizens of any nation


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