Cindy Hong English004




Assignment:Extended Definition

TheMeaning of Life

Whatis the most important thing in one’s life? Possible answers couldbe relationships, friendships, or even education. On the other hand,some people give wealth the first priority in life. However, for me,family is the most important thing in my life.

Myfamily always gives me support when I fail at accomplishingsomething. They provide me an irreplaceable sense of love andencourage me when I lose confidence. For example, when I first cameto Schuylkill campus, I was lonely and helpless. I wanted to go homeso badly that whenever I saw a plane in the sky, I just wished tojump on it and go home. One afternoon, I decided to call my motherback at home. Surprisingly, she picked the phone without anyhesitation. The time difference between here and my home country,China, is twelve hours. Therefore, I expected her to be asleep sinceit was 4 o’clock in the morning at China. I narrated to my mumabout life in another country, and the challenges that I experienced.The emotions made me to break down into tears. She encouraged me tokeep my head up and walk through my future. She also advised me toenroll in other college that she previously a staff member. Finally,she promised me that she would always be ready to help me.

Inaddition, my family remains that most import thing due to thefinancial support that I receive from my parents. Every month, myfather sends my some money for upkeep. Sometime, he is even worriedwhether the money he sends me is enough. My father works very hard tosupport us. He ensure we have our daily breads, pays our schools,ensure we have secured shelter, clothing, among other needs. Mymother is also supportive, and work hard to ensure we meet our dailyneeds. Indeed, my parents are the best that I ever know.

Furthermore,it is only from my family that I experience a lot of love. Eventhough my friends and I have different fun activity through out theweek, but it is different between talk with them and with my family.The sense of love between my family and me is irreplaceable. For me,my first priority is my family.

Myfamily is like heaven. It is full of love, care, prosperity, andpeace. We, the children respect our parents while our parents showerus with love and affections. If one member faces a problem, the restof the family members are always beside him or her to offer help. Ourfamily is full of fun moments, jokes, and togetherness. We live thetouch of time and enjoyful life as one family. This makes me proud ofmy family.

Ingeneral, a family is group of people who related to each other, andespecially parents and their children (Chambers,56). Otherpeople refer a family as a house that consists of parents andchildren. Nevertheless, a family represents a loving relationshipbetween one another. It is full of kindness and caring. Other peopleuse the word family as an acronym to mean, “Father And Mother Ilove You.”

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