Childhood Obesity Outline


ChildhoodObesity Outline

ChildhoodObesity is a threat to the future of a healthy America


  1. Childhood obesity is a health risk factor that threatens the future of a healthy population in America.
  2. To prevent an obese nation in the future, it is imperative to prevent and control obesity in children today.
  3. The health stakeholders should take appropriate measures now.

II. Important BackgroundInformation

  1. Over 68.7% of the American population is either obese or overweight.
  2. Over 60% of students in America are categorized as obese or with the unhealthy eating schedules.
  3. Over 70% of childhood health complications such as asthma and diabetes arise because of obesity.
  4. Nationally, the prevalence of childhood obesity increased by 40 % in from 2003 to 2012
  5. 31% of children in the U.S represented a 4 % increase in prevalence every year
  6. Consumption of high calorie foods, poor nutrition and lack of healthy exercise are the main contributors to obesity.

III. Major Points

  1. Health problems associated with childhood obesity
  2. Diseases that result from consistent obesity
  3. Causes of childhood obesity
  4. Ways to control childhood obesity
  5. Measures to reduce the risk factors of diseases caused by childhood obesity
  6. Role of national organizations in fighting childhood obesity

IV. Conclusion

  1. Childhood obesity is a threat to the future of s health population in America..
  2. Over the years, childhood obesity prevalence has been increasing annually.
  3. As children grow, childhood obesity is caused by poor eating habits, consumption of high calorie foods and lack of exercise.
  4. National organizations and partner health agencies should organize, coordinate and run effective health campaigns against childhood obesity.
  5. Taking the appropriate measures today to control and prevent childhood obesity will lay a foundation for a healthy future in America.