Childhood Growth


Jane,a young beautiful girl who is ten years old is the second born in thefamily of three kids. Her younger brother Joseph is eight, but onecannot tell the deference when the two are standing together. It isbecause Joseph is taller as compared to his age. Both children,since childhood, have never been close friends. Joseph is the typeof a boy who never loses even if he is not the winner in whicheversituation. Joseph is also stronger compared to his sister Jane.Joseph is always social and likes to play with other children. Helikes coming up with deferent types of games and plays them. Withthese games, Joseph always gets himself in trouble as he has injuriesall over his body. However, Jane, is a little bit politer than thebrother is. Jane likes eating and staying indoors. Due to this, Janeseems to have developed the eating habit, and now she is sufferingfrom obesity. Despite all this, Jane seems to be more mature that herbrother. Her sight problem also has been one of the things that makeher shy around other people.

Thismovie clearly shows how the generation is going through the changesand their effects to their physical and emotional lives. Jane comesout and shows how the changes in her life have made her not tosocialize with other kids in the society. The shape of her body hasmade her not to go out and play with her peers. The disability of hereyes or rather being short sighted has made her to distance herselffrom others. Peter on the other side has many changes. Hi is anactive boy who likes to socialize a lot. He wants to lay with hispeers and, as a result, he always has physical problems as every timehe comes home with an injury. He also shows how his body seems to bestronger than his sisters is (Laura, 73).

Josephhas shown the physical aspect in the movie this is seen by theheight deference and the state of being more muscular than the sisteris. This clearly shows how body development depends on sex in theMiddle Childhood. Emotional development in this movie is shown asJane is disturbed with it. Jane’s body seems to have many fats. Itmakes her older than her mates do. It makes her not to socialize withother kids as she is always afraid to be laughed at. The habit ofeating has affected her life this has changed her social life as shealways fills rejected in the society. There are many aspects thathave been shown and their effects in the future life of the children.Like the habit of eating. It has caused many negative things to Janesuch that she is afraid to socialize with others (Laura, 176).

Thereare many challenges that the middle childhood goes through. There arethose that are active and the others that are harmful. The twocharacters Jane and Joseph have shown some of the changes that themiddle childhood goes through. Aspects like health challenges likethat of Jane. Jane is both shortsighted, and she is suffering fromobesity. There is the aspect of body growth where Joseph is seen tobe taller than Jane. It shows how boys grow faster than girls untilabout ten or eleven years old. There is where the girl starts to growfaster. The film clearly shows how the middle childhood goes throughphysical, emotional, health problems, and many other issues. The filmalso shows that some of the changes should be controlled to bring upthe child in real states.


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