Child Emotions



Thereare five key topics on child emotions that parents should know.First, the topic of effects of different parenting styles on childemotions will give parents an opportunity to decide on the best wayto bring up their children. The topic is important because there aresome parenting styles (such as neglectful style) that reduce child’scapacity to control emotions while others (such as authoritativestyle) enhance their emotional development (Grace, 2013).

Secondly,the topic of the impact parental attention and child’s emotion isimportant for parents because it will help them appreciate the needof giving their children sufficient attention. A loving and a stableparent-child relationship enhance child’s emotional development(Secor, 2014).

Third,the effect of intellectual stimulation on the child’s emotionaldevelopment is an important topic for parents. This will help parentsidentify techniques that do not require financing to help childrendevelop emotionally. For example, playing with children, using cues(such as facial expression), and helping them explores how differentthings work enhances their emotional and cognitive development(Secor, 2014).

Fourth,the impact of family risk factors on the child’s emotionaldevelopment is important topics that will help parents understandthat the environment they create within the family set-up influencethe emotional development of their children. For example, parentaldrug abuse can hinder child’s emotional development.

Fifth,the effect of the environmental risk factors on the child’semotional development is a significant topic for all parents. Thetopic will help parents understand the fact that safety within thecommunity and the quality of the setting in which children arebrought up affects their emotional development (Secor, 2014).

Listof suggestions

  • Parents should adopt the authoritative parent style.

  • Parents should guide their children lovingly instead of being cruel or forceful.

  • Parents should foster secure attachment with their children right from their early stages of development.

  • Parents should show love to their children.

  • Parents should identify simple games that are suitable for their children and play them with their children.

  • Parents should start engaging their children in non-verbal communication cues starting from the early stages of development.

  • Parents should establish a stable environment within their families.

  • Parents should enhance a good relationship between all members of the family to ensure the environment suitable for the child’s development.

  • Parents should not use illicit drugs in the presence of their children.

  • Parents should bring up their children in a safe and high quality environment, including the neighborhood.


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