Chick-fil-A Marketing Strategy Brownsville Texas

Chick-fil-AMarketing Strategy Brownsville Texas

Chick-fil-AMarketing Strategy Brownsville Texas

Chick-fil-Ais among the leading fast food joints in the United States with morethan 1700 outlets in 38 states. It was established in 1946 and isbased in Atlanta Georgia. The company has been able to move to thetop of the fast food industry through its rigorous and uniquemarketing campaigns.


Oneof the most popular marketing campaigns that have put Chick-fil-A onthe fast food map is the “Eat Mor Chikin” campaign on televisionwhich feature cows who publish their efforts to have people switch toconsuming more chicken. The ads help shift Chick-fil-A from aregional brand to a national brand (Lee, 2011). The company’smarketing approaches have helped it become one of the largest playersin the fast food business in the United States.

Unlikemost fast food restaurants, Chick-fil-A’s advertising campaign doesnot offer limited-time offers or discounts. Their focus is basicallycreating brand awareness.

TheCow Appreciation Day

Anotherknown and successful marketing campaign from Chick-fil-A is theannual Cow Appreciation Day. During this day, people or customers whocome dressed like a cow get a free meal. As odd as it may look, it isone of the most innovative ways that draws attention to theirmarketing efforts.

Similarly,Chick-fil-A has an online competition dubbed “Best Cow CostumePhoto Contest” as well as a promotional video named “Running ofthe Cows”. All the media releases and collaborations with Heinz andDr. Pepper also help build awareness of the brand and label thecompany as trendsetter in creating innovative, enjoyable adverts andpromotions (Chick-fil-A, n.d). From this kind of promotions, about300,000 people dressed in some form of cow attire during the 2013 CowAppreciation Day.


Thecompany uses social media extensively in their marketing. CowAppreciation Day and other cow related campaigns maintain a strongpresence on social media like Twitter and Facebook which help themfully promote their brand.

StrategicLocation in Brownsville Tx

Chick-fil-Ais located strategically in all the 38 states. In has threerestaurants in Brownsville Texas located at interstate highways andother high traffic places. The three restaurants in Brownsville arelocated at Boca Chica, Sunrise Mall and Morrison Road (Chick-fil-A,n.d).


Brownsvillecity is quickly growing. At present, it has more than 200,000residents. The population includes a large number of Latinos andHispanics. This population is into fast foods. The Chick-fil-Asandwich was rated the best tasting sandwich. It was also recognizedfor providing the most opportunities for Latinos in the LATINOmagazine’s inaugural Latino 100 listing.


TheLatinos culture considers chicken as a traditional cuisine. TheLatinos consumption of chicken increases the company sales of chickenand other related product. In addition, the fact that Chick-fil-Agives opportunities to Latinos as part of their workforce increasesthe confidence of Latinos with the restaurant (Lee, 2011).


Chick-fil-Ais one of the popular fast food outlets in the United States. Besideshaving quality products, the company prides in having the bestmarketing strategies, in the industry. The Eat-A Mor, CowAppreciation Day among other marketing campaigns are unique toChick-fil-A and places in a competitive position with other giantfast food companies like McDonalds.



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