Cause Effect Essay on School Dropouts

CauseEffect Essay on School Dropouts

Educationis critical for both the individual and the nation. However, the rateof school dropout in the country is alarming. Although the rate ofhigh school and college completion has increased over the years,dropping out of the school persists as a major problem. Thegovernment is doing its best to ensure zero school dropouts however,the number of school dropouts is still alarming. There are severalreasons why people drop out of school. This essay analyzes the causesof school drop outs.

Oneof the main reasons why people drop out of high school and college ispoor academic performance is a major reason why people drop out ofhigh schools and colleges. Students who perform poorly are usuallydemoralized hence, more likely to drop out of school. Such studentshave a negative perception of education. They feel that educationwill not help them much since they do not perform well anyway. Somemay have poor academic achievement due to lack of necessaryresources, lack of interest and low IQ. Poor academic performancemakes people uncomfortable in classes to an extent that they loatheschool. Teachers also do not make it easy for poor performers inschool. Such students face difficulties in schools due to severalpunishments imposed unto them by teachers and parents. It is not easyfor teenagers to constantly face hardships in school when the outsideworld looks more promising and fulfilling. They are more likely toleave school because they feel that the outside world offers morefreedom than in school.

Teenpregnancy is another factor that makes people to drop out of school.Whenever teens become pregnant, they are afraid to attend school andface mockery from other students. Likewise, pregnant teens are forcedout of school to take care of their children. Some may never go backto school ever again especially if they are the breadwinners if theirbabies. Likewise, those who get married due to teen pregnancy arefaced with multiple responsibilities that make it extremely difficultto resume school. Although teen pregnancy has reduced over the yearsdue to sex education and access to contraception, it continues toinfluence the rate of school drop outs.

Additionally,lack of parental involvement is a great contributor of school dropouts, especially with high school students. Typically, parents playan essential role in enhancing school attendance and performance.Most school dropouts have parents who are least concerned about theireducation. High school students are in a critical stage of life andrequire constant guidance and encouragement from parents. Childrenrequire their parents to encourage them to attend school and have abetter life. Teenagers face so many challenges that may affect theirschool attendance. At such times, a parent can do a great work inhelping them overcome their problems that may affect schoolperformance. Therefore, lack of parental involvement can greatlycontribute to the rates of school dropouts.

Thecauses of school dropouts are varied. Lack of parental involvement,teenage pregnancy, and poor academic performance are some of themajor reasons why people drop out of school. Dropping out of schoolhas negative effects for both the individual and a nation. Educationis critical for social and economic development hence, it isessential to address the cause for the welfare of all.