Case Study Integration of the various Theories of Personality



CaseStudy: Integration of the various Theories of Personality

CaseStudy: Integration of the various Theories of Personality

  1. From the case, it is clear that according to the Freudian theory, Myra has the ego that is combined with the psychological processes of wishes. It is the kind of personality that was caused by the parenting style she and his brother received, thus becoming a product of her childhood. It is shown that their parents used to hit them when they did not do something right. This is especially in relation to cleaning where she was punished if she did not perform thorough cleaning of the item. Therefore, she believed that the cleaning process was not complete until it was done to perfection. She also learnt the art of perfection in relation to household chores and cleaning. In addition, she tends to consider herself better than the rest. Since she was forced into making the cleaning aspect perfect, she expects all those around her to be the same.

  2. Myra feels that cleaning the house is her responsibility since she grew up seeing her mother takes up the same job as her responsibility. Since she thought that it was a woman’s responsibility to take care of her home, Myra picked the same and continued with it. As such, she saw her mother as the overall figure in ensuring that the house and the yard are clean. It is because of this that she considers herself the martyr figure who does everything for everyone. It is despite the fact that it is indicated that she only tells them what they are supposed to do. It is mainly a traditional role that can be explained using the Jungian theory as the extraverted feeling. Most of her thoughts appear to be aimed at creating order in the world around her. She does it through all means that include attempting to live a harmonious life with others and expressing her views openly.

  3. Erik Erickson would explain the personality that Myra possesses as the result of various crises brought about by the society. They thus did not shape her personality during childhood, but throughout her entire life from infancy to adulthood. The development of the ego lead to the emergence of psychosocial life stages as a result of biological programming. Thus, her personality is as a result of the combination of three major elements. They are the biological developments, ego that emerges in different qualities and the social institutions that surround her. Therefore, in this regard, she failed to resolve the adolescent psychosocial stage. This is because her parents remarkably protected her childhood. In turn, her adolescent stage was filled with confusion and alienation as she struggled to gain entry into the adult world. It made her carry through with her parent`s ideas without modification. Therefore, she did not commit to an ideology that would help to guide her through life. She attained the ritualism of totalism where she was obsessed about hygiene and cleanliness around her home to the extent that she takes up her roles in an excessive way.

  4. According to Adler’s theory, Myra’s personality is ego psychological individual personality that results in a superiority complex. He argues that the social nature of human beings is what motivates them. Therefore, the family has a significant role in the development of personality. The personality characterized by Myra results from conscious actions since at times she does not understand the consequences. Her thoughts and behaviors are generated from inborn social interests. She is perfect in her cleaning and would like all those around her to appear like so. It is because of this that Susan has to tell her that she is cleaning the house during every phone conversation. She expects that everyone should retaliate any action that she does for them. She has developed her unique approach towards the achievement of life’s goals. Although it stems from childhood, she also directed it towards the future.

  5. Thus, if Myra were to commence on some form of therapy, I would recommend the person-society theory by Adler as the most appropriate perspective for her and the best kind of intervention. It is mainly because it is focused on both the individual and the society and can be applied in the explanation of a wide range of behavior. It can also be traced from the early stages of life to adulthood making it possible to identify the exact cause of personal behavior. Most of the time it can be tested on others to provide a comparison and for it to have a precision. As such, it does not contain any exceptions. The lack of or the provision of the mentioned elements will lead to individuals with similar characteristics if all the other factors are kept constant. Since it is not possible, individuals who receive equal measures in each have slight variations. Thoughts into other fields can also be generated, and the solution offered in the form of advice to the individual.