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Settinggoals is a major process that every individual should take part in soas to have their ideal future. It motivates persons to turn themental picture of their future into realism. Through the process,individuals are able to choose their direction in life. Specifically,understanding what one wants to accomplish in life offers a platformon which one should focus his/ her efforts. One benefit of settinggoals is that they provide interim motivation and lasting vision(Snell &amp Bohlander, 2012). It concentrates on the acquirement ofknowledge, besides helping in the organization of resources and timein order to reap maximum benefits of what life can offer. Successfulpeople including academicians, business people and athletes amongothers set goals. These goals are what make them be top achievers.

Careergoals help individuals to keep on track as far as their profession isconcerned. They represent benchmarks, objectives, and milestones ofone’s career. Career goals are set with the aim of maintainingmotivation, have expectations, as well as attaining success. To havesuccessful career goals, they should stick to the SMART model. Thismeans that they should be specific, measurable, achievable,realistic, and time bound (Castellano, 2013). Having long-term andshort-term career goals is significant in helping individuals attaintheir ultimate goal which is career fulfillment. The current paperdetails my career goals, offers information regarding the Coca-ColaCompany, classifies marketable skills required for employment in thecompany, and illustrates steps that should be taken to acquire themarketable skills identified.

PersonalCareer Goals

Thefirst personal career goal is growth in resources. Certainly, changeis inevitable and it takes place continuously in our daily lives andcareers. The growth and change in organizations means that a personmust regularly upgrade and improve their resources as well asknowledge offered to the organization in order to meet the client’sneeds. As a result, advancing my resources and knowledge to growprofessionally is a significant goal which I pursue.

Stabilityis the second career goal. Everyone desires being in a stable job.Stability offers individuals with peace of mind, and through this,they can focus on essential aspects of the company. After gettinginto an established company, a professional’s main aim is to focuson growing both as a professional and as a person. This growth issignificant in that it will be reflected in the company through itsgrowth.

Boostingperformance metrics is another goal. Most companies employperformance metrics while assessing the performance of employees,their productivity, as well as the degree of effectiveness. Metricnumbers evaluates specific aspects including employee competence andorganizational performance. Boosting performance metrics would assistin showing the value that I would bring to the company, as thecompany would be able to asses my performance and effectiveness.

Anothercareer goal is satisfaction. A major requirement of an individualwhile carrying out any activity is to have a certain degree ofsatisfaction. Being satisfied with the job I am performing is afundamental aspect of my life. Certainly, when individuals feelsatisfied, they are able to experiment and work on their developmentprocess. I believe in being wholly satisfied with my job.

Mylast career objective is earning a promotion. There is no goodfeeling in one’s career than getting promoted into a higher level.Promotion entails dedication, planning, and execution by an employee.Doing more work, developing relationships, taking on additionalprojects, updating resume are some of the things one requires to workon. Promotion is a long-term goal which I would build on ultimatelythrough these accomplishments.


TheCoca-Cola Company, headquartered in Atlanta, is an Americanmultinational soft drinks corporation, as well as retailer,manufacturer and marketer (Murray, 2006). The company is most popularfor Coca-Cola which was invented in 1886, and since then has becomeits flagship product. Currently, the company offers over 500 brandsin more than 200 nations, serving more than 1.7 billion servings perday. The Coca-Cola Company runs a franchised distribution system,where it produces syrup concentrates which it sells to its bottlersacross the globe. Its anchor bottler is in North America.TheCoca-Cola Company produces a number of soft drinks including Fanta,Diet Coke, Sprite, and Barq’s (Murray, 2006a). The company sellsmore than 400 drink brands in approximately 200 countries.

Thecompany makes sure that its employees are satisfied, fully engaged,and treated and rewarded fairly. This is at the center of Coca-Cola’sbusiness success and philosophy. The company offers diverse and openwork settings in which employees are motivated to generatebetter-quality outcomes. The company establishes a workingenvironment, in which the staff can develop their skills, outshine intheir job performance, and attain their career goals. These factorsput together make Coca-Cola to be perceived as a company of choice towork in. This was also what motivated me to choose it as the companythat I would like to work for.

MarketableSkills Required for Employment in the Company

Communicationskills are one of the marketable skills needed for one to be employedin the Coca-Cola Company. It is deemed to be a critical skill thatindividuals should master. It includes both written and spokencommunications which form a basic platform for individuals toeffortlessly interact with each other. The capacity to communicateserves as a foundation of additional features such as selfconfidence. Considering that the company encourages opencommunication in its work setting, communication skills areparamount. Employees are engaged in many dialogues, which offerhelpful information, amplify awareness, and solicit the views of thestaff.

Adaptabilityis the second skill. The Coca-Cola Company desires to employ staffswho can easily adapt. Change is inevitable, and the companyexperiences change in most of its operations including jobspecifications for employees. Job components evolve all the time andthis requires employees to be prepared to adapt such changes.Recognizing where one fits best is a major step as this will assistin adapting to change more easily.

Teamworkis another skill. The company believes that success can only beachieved through teamwork. Completing projects within a team ofindividuals of diverse backgrounds not only allows the organizationto experience optimum outcomes, but also allows team members to growas individuals. Teamwork is essential for the success of the company.

Problemsolving is the last marketable skill required by the company. TheCoca-Cola Company wants to employ persons who can be able to offersolutions to problems when they arise. It considers them to bevaluable those who can demonstrate their desire as well as creativityin improving a situation instead of just identifying the problems.

PersonalPlans to Obtain Marketable Skills for Future Employment at theCompany

Inorder to obtain the marketable skills required by the Coca-ColaCompany, I understand that I need to develop them through a personalplan. One way to do this is searching for educational opportunitieswhich offer or assist in developing the same (Scott, 2014). Theseinclude ongoing educational programs. Attending seminars andworkshops also offer a good platform of obtaining marketable skills.These are good as they require short-term commitment and they arealso less costly.

Anotherplan is taking part in internships. These offers useful on jobtraining and prepares a person in his area of expertise. Throughthis, I will be able to obtain the experience as well as themarketable skills required by the company. Internships will also helpme take part in cross-training which will help me learn new things.

Collegeexperience as well as coursework would also work greatly indeveloping the skills. Volunteer tasks are the last personal plan Iwould take part in. Through volunteer, I will be able to obtainsignificant communication and team player skills required by thecompany.


Goalsetting is a key process that persons should take part in if theywant to succeed in life and in their careers. Personal career goalsrepresent benchmarks, objectives, and milestones of one’s career.Career goals are set with the aim of maintaining motivation, havingexpectations, as well as attaining success. My career goals asoutlined in this paper encompass growth in resources, stability,boosting performance metrics, satisfaction, and earning a promotion.The company I would like to work for is the Coca-Cola Company. Thecompany believes in developing its people and engaging them in givingtheir opinions. As such, it requires the best individuals withvarious marketable skills include communication, adaptability,problem solving, and teamwork players. To get a job in the company, Ineed to develop these skills by taking part in volunteer works,internships and education programs.


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