Breeches of Security

Breechesof Security


ThesisStatement:Breach of data in schools contributes to more insecurity incidencesthat deprive students’ PII information.

Securitybreach occurs when there is theft or loss of restricted access to,super sensitive and personal information of confidentiality. Breechesincidences in educational institutions are inexorable high ascompared to other enterprises in the United States. The impacts tendto increase systematically from k-12 institutions to elementary andsecondary and further less than that at university levels. Recentstudies reveal that breach incidences in elementary schools are lessthan in university since the students do not realize the incidencesand never report when they occur.

Breachof Security in Schools

Breechincidence in elementary school includes hack attack on informationsystems. The methods involve intrusions by hackers. The otherincidences feature stolen, missing, and lost computers andelectronics. Incidences of shootings in schools are also in the rise,and many elementary schools are reporting such incidences astragedies. Insecure storage and transmission of confidentialinformation and infecting computers with malwares are otherincidences that occur in elementary schools. Rates in universitiesare similar to those in elementary schools. However, they also havesome incidences of hackers gaining the access to information throughmalicious attacks. Similarly, system failures are some of theincidences also reported. The failure of the system leads tovulnerability of data (Mapleet al., 2010).

Federalstatutes, memorandum for their department, regulations and agenciesrequire that certain sectors should implement an information securityprograms. The programs are set to notify any form of breach thattends to occur. The educational agency in the U.S has a PrivateTechnical Assistance Centre (PTAC) that provides timely guidelinesand restrictions for controlling security breach. Schools haveimplemented various policies to solve the incidences. They includethe use of extra security measures for the portable device. Theyshould have encryptions and providing additional high physicalsecurities for the portable electronics (Romanoskyet al., 2010).


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