Breakdown Of CVs Project Management Number

BreakdownOf CVs Project Management


Breakdownof CVS Project Management

Ina brief overview, CVS Pharmacy is the second largest pharmacy chainin the United States. The establishment has more than 7590 stores.The CVS pharmacy stores deal with the selling of prescription drugsand other assorted general merchandise such as over the counterdrugs, cosmetics, photo and film finishing services, beauty products,among other services and goods. Additionally, it also offers healthcare services through their ‘MinuteClinic’ medical clinics. Otherservices offered by the pharmacy are diabetes care clinic.

WorkBreakdown Structure has become an essential element when executingany project. It is an essential tool used for planning and executingany given project. It also helps define work for the project as wellas to develop a project schedule. In the CVS pharmacy, a projectbreakdown schedule would help to easily communicate the work andprocesses that are involved to execute the project.

CVSProject ManagementSystem

    1. Commencement

1.1.1Valuation, commendation and development of the project Charter

1.1.2Deliverable: Submit Project Charter

1.1.3Review of the project charter by the Sponsor

1.1.4Signing/approving the Project Charter

1.2Planning (setting up)

1.2.1Generate initial Scope Statement and selection of the project team

1.2.3The initial meeting of the team and laying down the Project Plan

1.2.5Submission of the Project Plan

1.2.6Milestone: Project Plan Approval

1.3Execution (implementation)

1.3.1The Project onset conference

1.3.2Validate &amp authorize user needs/requests

1.3.3Designing of the system

1.3.4Acquiring of the needed software and hardware relevant to the project

1.3.5Development of the system/installation

1.3.6The testing stage, and installation of the live system, training ofthe user and final implementation


1.4.1Project management and status meeting,

1.4.3Risk Management

1.4.4Updating the project management plan