Boston Marathon Bombing


BostonMarathon Bombing

BostonMarathon Bombing

Theimportance of security cannot be gainsaid as far as the stability andsuccess of any country or even the globe at large is concerned.Indeed, it is well acknowledged that security has a bearing on themanner in which other rights are enjoyed or other activities arecarried out in any part of the country. Needless to say, the humanrace has seen quite a large number of calamities that threatensecurity. Human beings have always waged wars against each other,usually with the aim of gaining resources or influencing thedistribution or division of resources. These wars have, with nodoubt, plagued different parts of the globe and come in differentmagnitudes, while having varying effects. Unfortunately, there hasbeen an increase in the magnitudes of these wars as a result ofinventions of advanced technologies such as computers that can beused to remote-control weapons, as well as weapons of massdestructions, among other deadly weapons. However, conflicts in thecontemporary human society have taken a new form where they areprimarily based on ideologies and beliefs. This was the case for theBoston marathon bombings.

Thes occurred on 15thApril 2013, during the 117thrunning of Boston marathon. This event takes place on Patriot’sDay, when Americans commemorate the Battles of concord and Lexingtonin 1775 that started the Revolutionary War. Over 26000 people hadtaken part in the 2013 race. However, tragedy struck close to thefinishline when two homemade bombs went off in the crowds that werespectating the race, leading to the deaths of 3 people and the injuryof over 260 particularly in the stampede (Jakes &amp Sullivan,2013). The first bomb went off less than half a block from thefinishing line at the northern part of Boylston Street, while thesecond one went 12 seconds later about 180 meters from where thefirst one exploded. These two bombs had been placed at the North sideof the Boylston Street among a group of onlookers.


Therewas an immediate response from the first responders, with a medicaltent that has been set up to treat the athletes being converted intoa medical facility (Eligon &amp Cooper, 2013). Over one hundredindividuals who had been injured in the attacks were taken to areamedical institutions as federal and local investigators combed thescene for clues that would be helpful in solving the crime (Radia,2013).

Onthe same note, Boston police, in adherence to emergency protocol,diverted the rest of the runners away from the finishing line intoKenmore Square and Boston Common. Further, the Lenox Hotel amongother buildings in the vicinity were evacuated, with the policeclosing down an area of approximately 15 blocks around the blast site(Eligon &amp Cooper, 2013). Eventually, the cordoned off area wasreduced to 12-blocks.

Apartfrom the assistance of medical personnel and police, theMassachusetts Army National Guard soldiers who were already in thearea joined the local authorities in providing assistance (Kaleem,2013). On the same note, a large number of people had dropped theirbackpacks in the melee, in which case each of them had to be treatedas a likely bomb.

Further,the Federal Aviation Administration, as a precaution, restricted theairspace over the city and gave out a temporary ground stop for theLogan International Airport, while a part of the Massachusetts Baytransportation Authority services were stopped (Bauman&ampWitter, 2014).In an effort to resolve this crime, the United States AttorneyGeneral gave directions that all resources pertaining to the UnitedStates department of Justice should be dedicated to the investigationof the explosions.

Ofparticular note is the fact that the cellphone lines had been jammed,thereby hampering communication in this town. In essence, theMassachusetts Emergency Management Agency required individuals whowere attempting to contact individuals in the area to instead usetext messaging rather than voice calls (Bauman&ampWitter, 2014).As much as the Boston cellphone service was still operational, it wasextremely congested. Nevertheless, local media reports had falselystated that the cell service had been shut down so as to avert thepossibility of cell phones being used to detonate other bombs.

Otherconcerns pertaining to the attacks revolved around informationpertaining to the casualties and the runners. In essence, theAmerican Red Cross assisted concerned family and friends to obtaininformation pertaining to them (Bauman&ampWitter, 2014).This was complemented by the Boston Police Department which alsoestablished a helpline that catered for the individuals concernedabout their acquaintances and relatives. There was also a line thatpeople with relevant information could use to offer information(Morales &amp Adams 2013). On the same note, Google Person Finderalso activated its disaster service under the banner of BostonMarathon Explosions, where known information pertaining to themissing persons could be logged in as publicly viewable files(Morales &amp Adams 2013). The assistance of the public was notlimited to the casualties and other victims but also the out-of-townvisitors who had been left with no place to say after the closure ofthe hotels close to the scene. In essence, they opened their homesand accommodated them for some time.

Identificationof the Suspect and the Manhunt

Afterthe attacks, law enforcement agencies sought the assistance ofmembers of the public in giving out pictures and video footages thatmay have been relevant to solving the investigation (Straw et al,2013). On the same note, it had become clear that the devices thathad been used in the bombing were pressure cookers in which ballbearings, nails and explosive substance had been put, with the firsttwo acting as shrapnel upon the detonation of the bomb (Straw et al,2013). With the assistance of members of the public, the FederalBureau of Investigation managed to obtain and release video andimages of two individuals who were identified as prime suspects inthese bombings, with one photograph showing one of them placing apackage at the place where the second explosion occurred.

Therewas also speculation that a fatal shooting of a police officer andthe carjacking of an SUV in the Allston Neighborhood were connectedto the marathon bombings. Law enforcement agencies pursued the SUV toWatertown, after which an intense firefight erupted. So intense wasthe firefight that an officer was wounded after IED’s were thrownto them alongside an exchange of more than 300 rounds (Montgomeryetal, 2013). One of the suspects named Tarmerlan Tsarnaev was seriouslywounded by numerous gunshots and explosives leading to hisapprehension. However, the second suspect who was his younger brotherstruck him using a car as he tried to get away from the scene, inwhich case he did not even last April 19thearly morning (Montgomeryet al, 2013). The police, therefore,diverted their attention to the other suspect, carrying door-to-doormanhunts, with residents being required to remain in their homes.Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the second suspect was later apprehended whilehiding in a boat and taken to custody.


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