Bio Physical Frame Work

BioPhysical Frame Work


BioPhysical Frame Work

Humandevelopment is the systematic physical changes that happen in peoplethroughout the span of their life. Biophysical framework is a helpfulway to organize the psychological, sociocultural and biologicalforces that affect the development of human beings (Kail, 2013).Biophysical structure can help people to comprehend if thedevelopment of a child is suitably on track or whether it is delayed.Child development is unique in every child. It is a continuoussequence with a predictable pattern. The biophysical model helpspeople to understand that child`s development does not progress atthe same rate on different children since each stage of a particularage is influenced by the preceding factors that affect the child’sdevelopment.

Additionally,the biophysical model perceives that human illness and disability isa product of the environment and interaction among biologicalprocesses (La, 2013). Physical development and health are seen asattached components in a child`s wellbeing because the variables thatcause weakness such as malnutrition also influence child’sdevelopment. Similarly, factors that cause poor development likewiseaffect the wellbeing of a child. Biophysical model shows that thereis a vital connection between psychosocial development of a child andhis/her physical health (Abernethy, 2012).

Developmentalrisk factors are variables that encroach on the child or the proximaland distal caregiving situations that bring forth negative impacts onthe child`s development. Bio-psychosocial framework also indicatesthat occasionally, psychosocial and biological risks coincide. Forinstance, children faced with a biological risk such as low birthweight (biological risk) might likewise be destined to poor motherswith low education levels (psychosocial risk) (Abernethy, 2012).

Asbio-psychosocial framework helps people to understand development inchildren, clinicians and professional councilors hold the obligationto screen and support child development so that ideal developmentalis guaranteed and difficulties or risks can be addressed and tendedto. Biophysical model also shows that it is essential to examine andcompare the functional developments to the standards that are alreadyestablished in a given culture.


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