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Annotated “The lady with her pet dog”

Gioia, D. (1998). Chekhov’s the lady with the pet dog,retrieved from

Gioia is an impressive writer who manages to capture therelationship between Ann and Gurov in different settings. The threedistinct settings in the lady with her pet dog to a largeextent correlate to the state of Anne and Gurov’s relationship.According to Gioia (1998), each setting in the story revealssomething about the couple. The major settings, Yalta, Moscow andunnamed town S- explain what lies behind the two lovers and theircircumstances. Yalta is depicted as a seaside resort where the twomeet for the first time. It correlates to the couple’s state as anescape from restrictions of marriages that are not fulfilling andserves as a backdrop for their romance. At one point, Anne says thatshe needed to get away from the suffocating marriage showing how muchher marriage tires her. As for Gurov, it is not the first time thathe is cheating on his wife and thus his role here displays the extentof promiscuity. Gurov goes out to escape the restrictions of his homeand marriage. Moscow on the other hand is brought up a town whereloneliness and cold creeps in especially for Gurov. Living here andworking as a banker keeps him away from his newfound love. Itrepresents social confinement where Gurov is tied to a loveless unionand obligations. As the story ends however, the couple manages tocreate a small room for private affairs. The couple is happy but onlyfor a short time. This is a place where they can never safely leaveargues Chekhov.

Moscow and S- imagery according to Gioi (1998), demonstrate therealistic part of this story in various ways. Like many marriages,Moscow represents the matrimonial home of Gurov. Despite that, it isviewed as a social prison that locks the promiscuous Gurov from hisadulteries. Having been trapped for ten years in a loveless marriagein Moscow, shows how men can put up with their marriages yet seeklove freedom elsewhere. Going from Moscow liberates Gurov and giveshim a chance to seduce other women. Gioia successfully explains howthe physical location of a place cannot hinder promiscuity. LikeGurov, Anne also caught up in the love affair travels to Moscow everyfew months in the name of consulting a physician. The lady withher pet dog, narrates a true life story of immorality andpromiscuity in the marriage institution. It shows how couples stay inloveless marriage institutions and how they are secretly carvingtheir world of happiness in affairs.

Oates, CJ. (1972). The lady with the pet dog, John Hawkins & retrieved from %20OATES%20(The%20Lady%20with%20the%20Pet%20Dog).pdf

Carol Oates writes about the lady with her pet dog in acreative way, making the story interesting and informative. Shestarts the story by explaining about strangers parting ways and Gurovstanding on the aisle a few yard away, watching Anne lean forwardbefore her husband interrupts her. Anne is a fearful woman, afraid ofher infidelity and does not want to be caught cheating on herhusband. As a result, she wants to be truthful yet cannot be. Oatesuses different settings though not too specific to bring out thestate of this relationship. Yalta is the place of love and ablossoming relationship for Gurov and Ann who are unhappily married.It represents a new chapter and the start of a relationship. Moscowis the place of reality though cold and lonely. Gurov’s familylives here and he works there as well. It represents separation as itputs the two lovers apart as they seek for ways to meet again. TheS-town is a hiding place for the lovers after their relationship isestablished.

Imagery in this story explains marriage as a no longer sacredinstitution but one that is full of promiscuity and infidelity.Moscow is a place where marriages are formed but do not work thusleading the character Gurov to seek for a love affair elsewhere. Thisis a comprehensive article describing how infidelity in marriages isa reality. Married men and women no longer care about morality andsustaining the marriage institution as sacred. Infidelity has takenover as evident in Gurov and Ann’s affair. Arrangements to meetGurov in Moscow are made by Anne with an excuse to see a doctor.Gurov sees visions of Anna everywhere after meeting. He follows a dogin Moscow and thinks it is Anna’s. Yet he finds out that it is twomen wanting to sell a dog. He returns to his life of card playing,dinners and conversations. Moscow is cold and life here is not realbut imaginary for Gurov. Apart from Moscow, the S- city is a secretplace symbolizing their unfaithfulness to their spouses. They meetand continue with their affair in a secret place far from theirfamilies but they know that this place is not safe. Oates brings outthe mere fact that Ann and Gurov are fearful and know that theiraffair is wrong. The S-town is a place they cannot stay for long andenjoy their relationship.

Brennan, Matthew C. Plottingagainst Chekhov, from the draft

The lady with her pet dogis an intriguing story that makes readers want to discover whatmessage the writer intended to pass on. Three distinct setting S- inthe story include Yalta a quiet seaside, Moscow where everything isin winter routine and South Russia a get-away for Anna. The lady witha pet is a story of Dmitri Gurov a Moscow banker who is intrigued bya young woman walking alone with her pet on the sea front of Yalta.Despite the fact that Gurov is married, he seems discontented withhis marriage and develops an affair with this woman. Their loveaffair is captured in every scene and setting. Each locationcorrelates to Anna and Gurov in an interesting manner. It depicts thestate of their minds and relationship. Brennan manages to bring outthe three distinct settings in such a way that the relationship thatis blossoming between Anna and Gurov is captured in every sense.

Yalta for example is a location where their loveblossoms as Anna and Gurov take a stroll about the grand andbeautiful scenery is invariably impressive. S- brings back life andexcitement to Gurov while Moscow is a place of memories for Gurov.With the frost having begun, Gurov feels lonely and is unhappy onceagain fantasizing about Anna as he imagines seeing her everywhere. Heeven pictures seeing Ann’s pet when he sees two men holding a dogyet it is not the one. Gurov is now obsessed with Ann and this loveaffair is like no other that he has ever had. Brennan brings out thereality of life through Anton Chekhov’s story.

The conventional moralist writing style manages tobring realism more. The subject matter of this story is adultery andpromiscuity is endorsed through the story. It emphasizes on thereality of life and gives real experiences as they happen. Moscowrepresents a place where people involved in loveless marriages feellonely and wish to go out for love adventures. Yalta is the place ofexploration and establishment of relationships while the S-town is ahide out for lovers. The extremes of immorality between marriedspouses are on the rise. Unhappy spouses are willing to live theirmarriages or even fake health appointments just to be far from theirpartners. The content of the story brings a real understanding ofadultery as an everyday occurrence that cannot be overlooked.

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