Avira Antivirus Manual

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Avira Operations Gmbh &amp Co.KG antivirus software company gives IT-security for networks,computers, servers, and smartphones.

Avira antivirus services aredelivered as both cloud-based and software administrations.

This software protects yourcomputer against worms, viruses, Trojans,

spyware and adware besides otherrisks.

Avira antivirus is an astoundingmalware detector with a decent interface and a reliable set ofadditional features.


Avira as a very secure antivirusproduct.

Avira malware scanner isincontestably better than the currently available free antivirussoftware in the market.

Its functionality equals the topof paid antivirus products. Avira’s alert system and its goodvariety of additional free features make any standard personalcomputer user feel fully protected and safe while browsing on theWeb.

When considering free computerantivirus products Avira antivirus is the best.


After installing the program,users should fully scan their computers systems.

If Avira discovers potentiallyunwanted programs (PUPs) or malware on a computer, it will isolatethem into a &quotQuarantine,&quot a protected and secure space onthe computer where the programs cannot suffer any harm from thevirus.

The consumer can then choose torestore any of these isolated programs on the off chance that he orshe feels Avira has wrongly flagged them, or decide delete thempermanently from if they pose potential threat to the computer.

Avira also has a “Help”feature on the program and on their website to help out the userswhenever they are stuck on an operation.

Purpose ofprocedures/instructions

Purpose of this user manual is tomake the user understand how to make the optimal use of Aviraantivirus. This includes installing, updating, upgrading anduninstalling the program.

The instructions guide theconsumer through the use of different features offered by theantivirus program. Moreover, the procedures equip the user with therequired knowledge to know what to do in case the program fails orstarts quarantines wrong items.

Avira`s Control Center isdesigned to screen the security status of the user`s computer systemand operate the controls of the protection parts and functions of theAvira antivirus program.

Users operate Avira antivirusthrough three of the program’s interface elements:

  • Configuration: Configuring the AntiVir program

  • Control Center: controlling and monitoring the Avira antivirus

  • Tray Icon in the software tray of the taskbar for Opening the Control Center as well as other functions

Warnings, cautions, dangers.

Avira antivirus can deliverefficient and reliable protection from malware, viruses,

malicious programs as well asother dangers only when it is up-to-date.

Users should update the softwareevery six hours to avoid any malfunctions of Avira antivirus.

In addition, users should makesure that Avira antivirus is up-to-date with turned on automaticupdates.

Avira antivirus also pops upwarnings as a caution when there is a chance of losing critical data.

Consumers should read these popups and understand them before taking an action.