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Case: Dominos

The problem at Dominos was the competition that was coming fromother pizza producers and suppliers. Customers and focus groups hadcomplained of the wetness and the lack of flavor in Dominos’pizzas. Although the company boast of easy online ordering and quickdelivery, it is abundantly clear from the case that the clientsneeded something more they needed better tasting pizzas from thereputable company (Oches 4). Advertisements on the numerous year ofquality pizzas from the company never working. The major issue wasthat the company needed to rethink of producing a better pizza with agood taste and which lacks wetness. The major challenge was that thecompany needed to reformulate the product and also produce a qualitypizza within the same time and financial constraints.

The issue that made Dominos was that the management failed toaddress the real problem facing the company’s products. It is clearfrom the case that there was increased competition on pizzaproduction and supply. Despite the company having been in existencefor over 50 years, new entrants into pizza product came up withinnovative production of pizzas, which gave Dominos immensecompetition. The success of the company was based on the ability ofthe marketers to read the market trends and study the competitors(Kapoor et al. 52). However, marketers at the company did not analyzethe market trends efficiently.

The company failed since it focused on advertising for theirproducts whereas the customers knew about the product and weredissatisfied. The advertisement, which aimed at reminding thecustomers of the 30 minute delivery time elicited enormous negativereaction from the customers. There was insufficient research on theneeds of the customers and the changes that needed to be effected bythe company. A deeper look at the financial and time parameters ofthe company indicate that the company failed since it never wished tospend on research and quality improvement. It is prudent for anycompany to continuously use reasonable resources to improve on thequality of its products and carry out intensive market research.

It is always prudent to take your competitors capacity and abilitiesinto consideration before making any decision with regard to productpromotion and or improvement. Testing must be done severally beforeany approvals are made. Customers are always a significant andcrucial part of any business. In this regard, the interests of theclients must be considered before approving any new product or anyproduct improvement (Goldenberg et al. 102). For instance, the new orreformulated product must be tested by the customers and they mustexpress satisfaction. The time and financial parameters of thecompany must be considered prior to approving and changes inproduction. The company must work within the possible financial andtime constraints.

The most significant lesson is the ability and the will to listenand respond to the voices of the customers. Customers are one of themost significant components of any business since they bring infinances, which run the business (Young and Flowers 17). It is alsoapparent that it is prudent to take sufficient time and avoid rushingto making decisions. Company decisions must be well thought outbefore any decision is arrived at. There needs to be sufficientconsultations before making a decisions in regard to production.

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