Asexual vs Sexual

Asexualvs Sexual


Asexualvs Sexual

Asexualreproduction is a reproduction method where offspring arise throughone organism (BBC, 2011). The offspring inherits the gene of the saidorganism (parent). Sexual reproduction is a reproduction method whereoffspring arise through merging of a male and female. Asexual type ofreproduction consists of gemmules where there is release of masscells by the parent organism where these cells transform to freshindividuals and budding where offspring bud as the name states totheir parents. On the other hand, sexual reproduction consists offertilization as referred to in humans or syngamy which is creationof a zygote through haploid gametes fusion permanently. There is alsoconjugation which is a temporary fusion which involves a bridge whichis cytoplasmic. This usually occurs in bacteria (BBC, 2011).

Bothtypes of reproduction have advantages and disadvantages and they areas follows. Advantages of asexual reproduction are it needs lessenergy, time efficient and it doesn’t need to look for a mate toreproduce. Advantages of sexual reproduction are genetic variationswhich is essential to evolution since it prevents organisms frombeing destroyed by diseases or change in environmental stability,extra protection to the organism and unique. Disadvantages of asexualare there is no variation making it pass genetic illnesses to theoffspring. Disadvantages of sexual are it needs extra energy, needstwo organism for reproduction (Gravitationalist, 2007).

Sexualreproduction is important since it creates species with the abilityto adjust to new atmospheres. A female fish chooses which mate itneeds for its production of offspring by searching for a mate withbetter genetic formation than itself to ensure that its offspring arebetter in genetic formation. Energy will be needed while locating amate but the offspring produced will be more stable in terms ofenvironmental changes and other factors that may cause thedestruction of the species from being wiped out completely.


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