Article Summary Reliability and Validity


ArticleSummary: Reliability and Validity

ArticleSummary: Reliability and Validity

Thearticle explores the elements of reliability and validity as thecharacteristics and of research in clinical education. According toRobertsetal (2006),the reliability and validity in research shows the level of trustthat a research should have. According to Roberts etal (2006),the reliability and validity of research, communicates the degree ofrigorousness of the processes that are involved in the research.Therefore, the two elements are vital in the evaluation of a researchprocess, whether qualitative or quantitative research. While thereliability determines the extent of use of research findings,validity determines the accuracy of correspondence to the phenomenonbeing investigated.

Accordingto Roberts etal (2006),qualitative research uses numerical and statistical methods whilequalitative research uses exploratory approaches that do not dependon data. In the two types of research, reliability is essential forthe results of the research to be trustworthy. In quantitativeresearch, reliability is based on the consistency of the methodsused, and is measured by a score. In qualitative research,reliability is determined by trustworthiness of the data generated,the procedures used and the approach applied.

Thevalidity of qualitative research demonstrates the extent at which theresearch tools and processes measure the investigated hypothesis. Avalid qualitative research is objectively dependent on the phenomenonunder research and is free from the bias of the researcher. For aquantitative research, the validity of the research demonstrates thedegree to which a measure represents the item of research or thephenomenon it should measure (Roberts etal, 2006).Generally, the article seeks to determine the importance of validityand reliability in every research. The importance is demonstrated byhighlighting the role of the two characteristics in demonstrating thetrustworthiness of the research findings.


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