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October24, 2014.


Timemanagement for a doctoral learner

Abilityto effectively manage time is one of the essences of onlinediscussion forums. Participation in online discussion forums bydoctoral students facilitates individual responsibility in timemanagement, improves information flow, learning support, learningcommitment and improves the overall student interest in learning. Dr.Ronald Berman video is insightful on important aspects of timemanagement for doctoral students. Most students juggle betweenseveral priorities in doctoral studies personal obligations andschoolwork which present a great challenge in time management(Holyoke &amp Larson, 2009). The video by Ronald offer insightfullessons on how to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Animportant aspect learned from Dr. Ronald is that, time managementmeans having a plan that will enhance me tojuggle various responsibilities and complete projects successfully.Effective time management requires one to desist from procrastinatingactivities. I have learned that I need motivation to accomplish theplanned activity on time rather than rescheduling this helps to savetime (Holyoke &amp Larson, 2009). Similarly, as a learner I need tobuild buffer time by keeping regular schedules of activities thishelps clear the mind of work related concerns and betterconcentration for study. Furthermore, I have learned the need tospread myself around this means having several things to work onsimultaneously as opposed to finishing one thing.

AsHolyoke &amp Larson (2009) observes, keeping a ‘time menu’ isessential for an adult learner as I can choose tasks that fitparticular times and morale. For instance, reading is a portable taskthat can be done anywhere quiet. Effective time management requiresone to have time off for leisure I have learnt that budgeting timefor non-academic activities such as spending time with loved ones,relaxing and exercises is equally important. Lastly, time managementrequire been honest with people you associate with such as friends,professors and workmates who assist one with time management. In thesame line, it is imperative that I learn to say ‘no’ to certainevents or activities that may distract my focus in schoolwork(Holyoke &amp Larson, 2009).


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