Article Response

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October23, 2014.


Onlineforums for doctoral students

Theforum discussion focuses on the importance of online discussion fordoctoral students in knowledge development and capacity todemonstrate unique disposition when analyzing information, facts andperspectives. From this discussion, a dissertation topic on theinfluence of online discussion in scholarly development for adoctoral student is feasible. In this case, my dissertation topicwould be, ‘Using discussion in online courses the importance ofinteractivity.’ The research topic would focus on assessing theeffects of online discussion to doctoral students in philosophyclass. Online students often feel overwhelmed and isolated for lackof direct communication with other students and instructors. Researchindicates that, many students partaking online class rarely completetheir courses. In particular, this is attributed to frustrations,isolation and lack of individual responsibility in time management.Online discussion forums are essential in facilitating interactivityand communication that help alleviate issues creating ‘socialabsence’ in learning (Maushak&amp Ou, 2007).

Studiesindicate that, online discussion promotes a sense of community thatin turn fosters critical thinking, improves information flow,learning commitment, learning support, collaboration and overallstudent satisfaction. Effective online discussion support learningobjectives for the course and generate students’ motivation andinterests. Online discussion offers a reflection time, criticalthinking and more students are involved in the discussion unlike faceto face classroom forums. Successful online discussion is aided bythe facilitator who makes their presence felt but does not dominatethe discussion. Research on this topic is useful as it will enhancemore knowledge on how to effectively participate in onlinediscussion. Furthermore, this research will enhance my skills onself-reflection, considering others perspectives and engaging insubstantive discussions. In similar note, research on ‘Usingdiscussion in online courses the importance of interactivity,’will expand my academic skills in writing, learning and scholarlydevelopment(Maushak &amp Ou, 2007).


Maushak,N., &amp Ou, C. (2007). Using synchronous communication tofacilitate graduate

students’online collaboration. QuarterlyReview of Distance Education, 8(2),161–169.