Article Response-PowerPoint Is Evil

ArticleResponse-PowerPoint Is Evil

ArticleResponse-PowerPoint Is Evil

Whatis the problem/issue?

Thearticle highlights arguments of Tufte concerning the evil nature ofPowerPoint. The evil nature of PowerPoint is portrayed through itsability to disrupt, dominate and even trivialize content for theusers (Tufte, 2003). When presenting work through PowerPoint oneordinarily expects the work to appear in the manner they like.However, PowerPoint is routinely known for its nature of changing thepresentation. Therefore, instead of PowerPoint acting as a supplementto the presentation it apparently replaces it.

Wheredo you/could you see it in your life (not limited to academic partsof your day)

ThePowerPoint functionality has a clear manifestation in my life and Isee it from the point of view of individuals who lack respect fortheir audience. When presenting a project to an audience, the simplenorms require that I should allow individuals to ask questions, seekclarifications and or raise any issues about the project. The pointat which I deny my audience the opportunity to seek theclarifications or ask questions, I am seen to act as PowerPoint. Thisthen shows that I have more powers as a presenter and I am using themso much that they corrupt absolutely. Therefore, a properly plannedpresentation is a truth well told while if manipulated then itbecomes a means of cheating (Ahmadi, Dileepan &amp Raiszadeh, 2007).

Howcan we learn from what the author discusses AND use those insightsfor critical reflection in our lives for self-improvement

Thereare several lessons that we acquire from the descriptions of theauthors including that we should never take advantage of our positionor what we have to confuse, interfere or distort issues and facts.Additionally, we should not use our positions to manipulatesituations in our favor instead the positions should be an avenue toserve others. We also learn not to misuse certain technology by meansof exaggeration or superficiality, rather use the technology we havefor societal gains.


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