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TheAugust 24, 2014 presidential election in Abkhazia had fourcandidates. These were Aslan Bzhania (Party of Beslan Eshba), LeonidDzapshba (Initiative group), Raul Khajimba (Forum for NationalUnity), and Mirab Kishmaria (Youth Forum) (RT News, 2014). Kishmariawas the minister for defence while Dzapshba held the position ofchairman for civil union for law, stability and democracy. On theother side, Bzhania was the chairman for state security service whileKhajimba was a member of parliament. The presidential position wasformerly held by Alexander Ankvab, who resigned on June 1, 2014following the critical crisis that started early this year (RT News,2014). He did not run again for the presidential seat. Thepresidential seat for the country is still young because it was justI n 1994 when such position was constitutionally included as part ofthe country’s political positions.

Accordingto early polls and preliminary results, Raul Hajimba had won theelection with over 50% of the total votes (RT News, 2014). The finalresults indicated that he had won with a 50.57% ahead of Aslan, whogarnered 36% of the total votes. All the candidates involved duringthe election used the social media as part of their campaign tool.They used all social sites to woo and attracted voters through postson Facebook and twitter. Mostly, the candidates used their twitterhandles where they asked for votes, but they did not ask forfeedbacks or donations. However, the way people responded to thesocial media was more that how they responded during the 2011elections. During the 2011 elections, the internet penetration waslow because up to date, Shamba, one of the candidates at that timelead with only 65 likes to date (Global Voices, 2011). It is,therefore, important for candidates who wish to prosper well toinclude internet sensitization in their campaign. In so doing, theircampaign can involve internet campaign that can act as a goodcampaign tool like in other developed countries where the internet isembraced.


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