Argumentation and Persuasion Outline


Argumentationand Persuasion Outline

  1. Introduction: Abortion entails the termination of pregnancy prior to reaching its complete term of nine months. The topic of abortion is divisive amidst pro-life and pro-choice due to its legality and ethical consequences. Abortion should not be legalized because it entails killing the unborn, may lead to death, and leaves women with psychological effects (Reiman, 1999).

  2. What makes the topic controversial: the topic of abortion is controversial because there is a difference amidst different parties on the issue. For instance, abortion is carried out on a woman’s body, but the right of the woman to proclaim an abortion is questionable. The issue is divisive since there is an ethical issue on abortion, which divides those accepting it and those against it. In addition, the topic is divisive due to the reasoning concerning its legality some feel that it should be held illegal while others feel that it should be made legal.

  3. Why Support Abortion

  1. Making abortion illegal poses a health risk –women may turn to quark doctors for abortion

  2. It helps in getting rid of unwanted pregnancies

  3. It entails a woman’s right

  4. Can save mother and/or child during a medical complication

  1. Why Abortion is Wrong

  1. Entails killing an innocent being

  2. Results in psychological impacts on women

  3. May lead to death

  4. It is unethical and against Christian values

  1. I support the idea that abortion should not be made legal. This is because it entails killing an innocent being that is not capable of defending hi/her birth rights. Besides, it should not be made legal because of its consequences women that proclaim abortion end up having the guilt of killing (Reiman, 1999). However, it should be allowed on medical grounds.


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