Application Essay




Stridingconfidently beside my father, I clung on his hand tightly. I amscared of getting lost in the throng of people queuing to purchasetickets to watch the box-office movies. The people in the queueinclude couples, young lovers, and both young men and women appearinglonely. The culture of going to the theater at least two times everymonth has become a part of my culture. My dad and I are movieenthusiasts. We specifically visit the CastroCinema.

Whengoing to the movies, the first stop is at the coffee house. Inspiredby curiosity, I inquired from him the reason he likes sitting at aparticular seat and ordering the same cappuccino coffee at coffeeshop. He confided in me that he met my mother at the same spot, andthey were both taking the same coffee brand. Hanging around my dad atthe shop before watching a movie box-office movie makes him relaxedand open to discussion on any topic. In fact, these moments I feelthe perfect connection with him, he talks to me with loving, butfatherly authority each child admires to get from his or her old man.

Themovies provide me with an alternative outdoor event to keep me out atnight. I also get merry moments when sharing the hearty banters withmy friends in a relaxed atmosphere, and away from the books.Sometimes, achieving effective emotions control is a big challenge tomany people. However, I have learnt to tolerate and cherish both thegood and the unpleasant things in life. Movies have also trained methat your friend can be your savior, but he can also turn out to bean evil force to reckon with. The vampire movies, epidemic, andzombies based films provide realistic avenue think about our presentlifestyle. In some cases, I feel like I am transformed to the leadactor. I feel scared, happy, remorseful, or even haunted, dependingon the movie’s theme (Walker, 2012). In fact, movies have a specialway they force me to focus with no other distraction whileconcentrating on that moment, and forgetting my books and otherpersonal challenges, I could be experiencing.

Somedays, I have my friends or a close relative such as my dad with me tospeak my mind with. The movie dates have become major keystone in mygrowing relationship with other people as it provides me with acomfortable setting with minimum distractions for seriousdiscussions. Prior to watching a movie, we spend about half an hourtaking cappuccino coffee at the café next to the cinema. After themovie, we spend another hour taking delicious cuisines in an exoticrestaurant situated a few meters from the cinema hall (Walker, 2012).

Iam a big fan of famous film stars and directors from Hollywood andacross the globe. I like the stem cell research movies such as DavidCameron’s SpeciesandAvatar.Poor dieting and lack of information on proper dieting has causedmajor crises in the United States such as obesity, cancers, anddiabetes in American society (Walker, 2012). Fortunately, the movieshave provided me with a platform to learn the pitfalls and takenecessary precaution actions. Practice makes perfect. I have managedto overcome several dangerous behaviors that were making my life hangon a loose end. I also feel motivated by my movie icons to maintain ahealthy body, work hard in school, balance life challenges, and havefun for a healthy lifestyle. My current lifestyle and ambitions havebeen significantly inspired by motivational movies that help toremain focused in every aspect of life.


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