An Analysis of the Bright Star Poem.


Poemsare perhaps one of the most complicated forms of literature foranyone to comprehend. It may be because thepoets bring into play manyliterary devices in a single poem. John Keat as any other poet would,incorporated certain aspects into his poem Bright Star. His primaryaim for doing this was to try and separate himself from the poem adgive the poem is own source of life and a certain depth ofunderstanding.

Thepoem is not necessarily on the poet`s life. John Keat tries to shiftattention from himself. The poemis in use in the film “Bright Star”that is written by Campion. Campion sets the work in motion byshowing the infatuation that the poet (Keat) has on Fanny Brawne. Heintroduces her to poetry. Fanny was a neighbor to the great poet andgets immersed in his life thatisaround poetry. It is in this periodwhere the poet writes the most prolific works of his career. Thatgoes further to give a concise explanation of how the poem is notrevolving around John’s life but that of the understanding poetry.The argument has its backing on the fact Brawne is introduced topoetry through John’s life and works.

Brawne’sintroduction into John’s world of poetry begins with apathy andends up in passionate involvement in the poetic field. The two meetat a point where Keat has already established and created for himselfa name in the poetic field. Unfortunately, he is unable to marry herdue to financial constraints. Fanny saw that as a hindrance andinjects herself further into poetry so as to maintain close ties withJohn. That is another signal that the poets work is not necessarilyabout him but rather about the enlightenment of other people onmatters poetry. Fanny comes to gain interest in poetry unknowinglyand unconsciously through her love for the poet.

The film by Jane Campion is also one that brings to the fore certainaspects of poetry. In a very early scene in the film, the poet meetsFanny and is cautious when she asks for an introduction on the craftsof poetry. The setting is in an impromptu poetry lesson. That is theintroduction of the poetry of thefilm in the video. Keats dismissesher by stating that poetic craft is in itself a carcass or a sham. Hestates that thepoetry ought to come naturally as do the leaves to atree and if not then it would better not come at all. The twocontinue with their conversation, and it is through this thatBrawnecan earn Keat’s trust, and he opens up to offer a betterexplanation. He says that thepoetry understandingis through senses.

Brawne further gains interest in poetry and particularly Keat’sworks. She even takes a step further to recite his poems. It ismostly through her that the poetry of thefilm is brought out. It ismostly through her memory or what is read to her by Keat’s. Thatalso brings the aspect of poetry of language since there isanexquisite choice of words and diction in the poems as well as thefilm. That gives the understanding that the poetry of language aswell as the poetry of thefilmhas been incorporated in the film.

The works of Jane Campion in the film, as well as John Keat`s poem,have interchangeably contributed to the understanding of poetry. Theyhaveand still make a great deal of contribution to the understandingof the understanding poetry of thefilm as well as the poetry oflanguage. Campion in her work focuses more on understanding poetryand does this through the romantic life between Fanny Browne and JohnKeat.


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