American Courts and Judicial Powers

American Courts and Judicial Powers

AmericanCourts and Judicial Powers

Shouldabortion remain legal?

Abortionis a topic that has received mixed reactions from differentindividuals in the society. However, it is of importance to depictthat abortion should remain legal because of the following reasons.1) Laws that prohibit abortion tend to also kill women. Illegalizingabortion does not mean that it will stop in the society it onlymeans people will start doing it in secret which is more dangerous towomen in the society. 2) Legalizing abortion is a sign of respect andtaking care of women’s health. Legal abortion protects both womenhealth and lives, since legalizing abortion in the country numerousmedical complications during child birth have been successfullyaverted.

3)Illegalizing abortion will lead to more child birth in the countrythis will mean that even if unwanted pregnancy occurs a mother is notable to get rid of it. In the long run the country will experience ahuge influx of population growth. 4) Legalizing abortion gives choiceto parents on the kind of decisions they undertake. For instance, ifunplanned pregnancy occurs the parents or couples involved willponder on the right decisions to make. This will ensure that onlythose accepted pregnancies are allowed to mature. This will lead toproper child bringing in the long run. I believe the Supreme Courtwill rule on the premise of the above mentioned reasons and legalizeabortion in the country.

Shouldflag burning remain legal?

Aflag is a representation of what we stand for and it is totallyabsurd when few individuals decide to take it as a way of showingtheir discontent towards a particular arm of the government. I amcertain that a veteran who fought for that flag will feel discreditedand abhorrent in seeing the flag they fought for being torched andburnt into ashes. This is typically deeming and a sign of lack ofownership which the Supreme Court ought to discourage vehemently.Flag burning should be illegalized because whenever you fight forsomething you would want it accorded the respect it deserves. In thiscase our veterans fought for our freedom and it should never be takenfor granted because most of our soldiers at the time paid heavily.The best we can do is accord our national flag the respect itdeserves. To a large extent, the Supreme Court will rule against flagburning since it goes against all the laid principles andjurisprudence ought to be accorded to our heroes.

Shoulddisplaying the Ten Commandments on public property be legal?

Ibelieve that as much as the intentions of the government are right intrying to post the Ten Commandments on public property, the move islikely to spur animosity between different religious groups in thecountry. The Ten Commandments are normally associated withChristianity, this leaves other religious groups unrepresented. Itmeans that some groups will feel unappreciated or segmented in thesociety. The end result is an ignition of the historic rivalry amongreligious groups in the country. In order to maintain the longlasting peaceful co-existence among different religious groups in theworld it is very important for the government to reconsider its rolein enhancing unity by establishing means through which differentcommunities and individuals interact freely without boundaries. It ison this premise that the Supreme Court ought to illegalize displayingthe Ten Commandments on public property.