Albra Khalawi


Prof.J. Zonderman


Unionsplay a significant role through collective bargaining and providingimproved working conditions for workers. However, unionism in theprivate sector faces various challenges. In this case, Volkswagen isfaced with the threat of tax withdraw advantages if it allows itsworkers to be represented by the UAW. All employees have a basicright to secure means of better working condition and wages throughcollective bargaining. As a consultant, the leaders of Volkswagenhave asked for suggestions on whether to allow the union vote tocontinue and live with state legislation, or to lobby the assemblynot to enact any punitive laws or give threats to the statelegislators of relocating to another state if they enact such a law,or to actively oppose the plant`s unionization using commonanti-union-election tactics.

Aunion is crucial since employees` rights get protected throughcollective agreement. On the other hand, collective action is morallyright and should not be coerced. The majority is always right. Inethical behavior, it is the culture of Volkswagen to act withintegrity and maintain high standards in order to encourage theiremployees to voice their concern. Therefore, this is the ideal timefor workers, to make informed decisions of whether to vote on joiningthe United Auto Workers or vote against it. This paper will analyzethe other options given on what the leadership ought to do. Thesis:Should Volkswagen Company interfere regarding the union race and goastray from moral standards? No, it ought not to meddle in theimpending union race, and simply remain faithful to business morals.To execute this approach, the leadership should permit the union voteto go ahead and if the laborers vote in favor of the union, live withthe assembly actions.

Another,option for the management is to allow the union vote to continue andif employees approve, then the leadership can lobby the assembly notto enact any punitive laws, and allow the company to manage its ownbusiness as they deem fit. Although lobbying will focus onsignificant issues that will help employees, it is an expensiveaffair. In most cases, lobbying is linked with politics, and thusthis option not recommended. Clearly, lobbying has turned into a formof corporate political action, thus regarded as a questionableactivity.

Athird alternative is to give threats to the state legislators and thegovernor of relocating to another state if they enact such a law. Asa consultant, I consider this approach unethical, since legalcompliance is crucial in any company. All business practices muststrictly adhere to the laws of any country. In fact, managerialbehavior is regulated by company rules and standards for ethicalmanagerial behavior should be consistent in all countries. On theother hand, the management is tasked with building and protecting acompany’s reputation. Thus, it is crucial to avoid actions thatmight undermine the reputation and image of the company.

Finally,the management has another option of actively opposing the plant`sunionization using common anti-union-election tactics. Often,employer anti-union campaigns have such devastating impact on thesuccess of the union. The decision by management to opposeunionization can make employees feel betrayed. Additionally, in casethe management decides to follow this choice there is a probabilityof increased war between employees and the management. On the otherhand, any actions of the management should not generate fear ofretaliation such as illegal employee`s discharge of those supportingunions. Given the advantages of organized labor, it is thereforeimperative to leave the workers decide on their own whether to votefor or against a union. To make the organization stronger, the legalrights of employees to consider union affiliation should berespected. The management should not operate in a way that will clashwith Volkswagen business ethics. However, if necessary, policies andprocedures to oppose unionization by the management should befollowed.


Irecommend that management continue to remain neutral over the processof unionization efforts. In fact, the management should declare theirneutrality in this matter, and the process of unionization will besmooth in case a majority of employees vote in favor of it.Volkswagen should respect all gatherings concerned, including itsspecialists, the UAW and the state lawmakers. In managing them, therewill be no duties, and the organization will stay nonpartisan. Themanagement will permit the union to lead the race in theorganization’s premises, and sign a waiver expressing that it won’tmeddle in the decision. In like manner, it won’t issue anyannouncement to the general population, whether straightforwardly norin a roundabout way that can influence the choice of the specialist’sto vote, for example, expanding their profit through the assemblingof new autos in Chattanooga.


Inconclusion, it is crucial that the management should follow thecompany’s code of ethics and operate professionally. As mentionedearlier, opposing unionization would be a violation of the basicprinciple of progressivism.