Airport Security Management

AirportSecurity Management

Airportsecurity and safety of passengers are given highest priorities at theairport. The airport invests a lot in security management measuresthat will overcome its operational vulnerabilities. The airportterminals receive a large number of passengers each day and toenhance security, each person and luggage is subjected to screening.The security management strategies laid down are physical security,personnel and computer security.

Physicalsecurity is the most noticed security strategies as one goes throughthe airport. The airport is well fenced with few entrances where boththe passenger and the luggage are checked. The perimeter, bothexternal and internal, of the airport is well secured and controlled.The interior perimeter is subdivided into zones that containdifferent levels of security, and one is screened as he enters a newlevel. The lighting system is all functional and ensures smoothoperation of the airport at night (Ormeier, 2013).

Thereare high technology equipment’s installed in different areas of theairport to enhance security and safety. All passengers undergoscreening by passing through metal detector or body scanner. If themetal detector alarms, physical frisking by the officers in chargewill be done to identify items not surrendered (Enoma, Allen &ampEnoma, 2009). The luggage too will undergo screening by either x-rayexamination, testing for chemical residue and/or physical search. Theluggage usually has tags that are matched to its owner if it does notgo on board. The airport too has CCTV cameras for facial recognitionand checking against databases when need arises. The airport has wellorganized personnel who provide additional security that directs theflow of the passengers. Alarms systems and fire extinguishers arealso present in case of an emergency (Ortmeier, 2013).

Thesecurity strategies are essential in ensuring the safety ofpassengers and workers. All the laid down rules and procedures shouldalways be adhered to. Even though the security and safety are airportspecific, all the airports have to continuously improve theirsecurity strategies.


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