Advertising Analysis

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October31, 2014.

LasVegas, ‘what happens here stays here’


Thetourism advert indicated on the cutting above conveys and elicitsexciting meaning to viewers. In particular, the fonts have aneye-catching appeal to the observer. The red font blended with theyellowish margin gives the advert a sensualizing image that lures oneinto sweet imagination about the destination advertised. Thevariation of the fonts on the words ‘welcome’‘fabulous’and ‘LasVegas’give a harmonized appealing effect to an observer. In fact, astranger who has never been to Vegas is by the tone and messagecarried by the words. The ‘welcome’word elicits a cordial invitation gesture to strangers who areattracted further by the word ‘fabulous.’A total stranger seeing the advert for the first time is lured by thewords into wild imagination on how the destination Las Vegas looks.The appealing wondrous effect of the word ‘Fabulous’is reinforced by the phrase ‘whathappens here stays here,’that elicit more wildly imagination on the nature of Las Vegas city.

Thewords in the advert have great appealing effect to a total strangerwho might be forced to imagine Las Vegas is a city full of wondersand extreme excitement. The star above the advert gives the wholeadvert ‘affirmation’ consent that indeed Las Vegas is a wondrouscity. Furthermore, the advert is aligned with lighting features thatgive the advert an ‘excitement’ image. Indeed, a total strangerfar of in Africa or Asia is forced by the advert to yearn for a visitin Las Vegas. Ideally, this ad caption reflects the Las VegasConvention and Visitors Authority (LVCA) decade-long efforts tomarket Las Vegas city. The caption ‘whathappens here stays here’ gives the appealing effect of adult freedom, and that in Las Vegasanyone can be what they want to be. In particular, the advert givesthe impression that Las Vegas is a city of wonderful experiencespossibly endless fun.

Furthermore,to a total stranger one gets the impression that there is absolutefreedom to enjoy one in all ways. The caption ‘whathappens’gives the impression that there are unique entertainment activitiesthat cannot be found elsewhere apart from Las Vegas. A visitor seeingthe advert is attracted to visit the destination to see what isreferred to by the phrase ‘what happens here’ in Las Vegas. Inaddition, the advert gives suggestion that Las Vegas is a city fullof exciting fun, and this forms the main attraction to a totalstranger.

Audiencetargeted by the Advert

Theadvert gives the impression that the destination advertised is openfor adults. The phrase ‘What happens here, stays here’ gives theimpression that only set category of visitors is invited onlyvisitors who can keep the secrets of Las Vegas. In this case, onlyadults can be relied on to keep secrets. In addition, the advert is acreative impressionist campaign artwork promising adult’s freedomand entertainment. A closer assessment of the advert wordingindicates that the ad targets young and rich visitors who are readyto engage in wild fun. By promising the visitor that ‘whathappens here stays here’gives the impression that visitors need to be intellectually astutein keeping the secrets of Las Vegas.

Onlyeducated elites can decipher the hidden meaning in the campaignadvert it requires some thinking to interpret the meaning of thephrase ‘whathappens here.’Of Couse the meaning is that, ‘whathappens’in Las Vegas is for holiday makers, vacationists, lovers, couples,singles or empty nesters seeking to have absolute fun without worryof ‘interference.’ As such, only rich, relatively young andeducated folks appear to be targeted for invitation by the advert.The caption ‘fabulous’‘whathappens here’gives the impression that visitors touring Las Vegas city are boundto meet couples or lovers ‘enjoying’times together such as cuddling, kissing and lovemaking. Similarly,the advert gives the impression that there are lots of fun possiblydining, drinking, swimming, and gambling in the casinos and otherindoor activities.

Analyzingthe advert

Theadvert is the work of Las Vegas Convention Visitors Authority longdecade’s efforts to market Las Vegas as a tourist and businessdestination. It is recorded that, in 2000, Las Vegas began using‘adult freedom’ in the tourism advert campaigns. The slogan ‘whathappens here stays here’became a catch marketing brand for Las Vegas city and spreadthroughout American Cities. This branding changed the way people feltand communicated about the dessert-Neon lit Las Vegas city. Lookingat the advert one can conquer that the advert is indeed effective incommunicating invitation message to visitors. A total strangerlooking at the advert is intrigued and captivated by the ‘Fabulous’Las Vegas city even without seeing it. The advert requires less timeto decipher the nature of advertised city the advert gives a promisethat the city is fabulous, and individuals are welcome.

However,a total stranger who has never come across the phrase ‘whathappens here stay here’is forced to wonder about what happens at Las Vegas. Although theadvert is effective in creating an appealing effect to visitors, theadvert required some pictorial captions just to expound on the phrase‘whathappens here.’Nonetheless, the advert appears to have been targeted to educated andwell informed audience who are familiar with Las Vegas destination.The message used in the advert is effective, but more details oughtto have been added to explain the uniqueness of Las Vegas as atourist destination. For instance, the advert would have had acaption, ‘appetizingdishes’‘subsidizedaccommodationrates’or ‘freeexcursion rides.’Indeed the communicated message matches the audience targeted inparticular, the message in the advert is not meant for children orfamilies.

Theadvert invites the visitors who need an appealing place forrelaxation enjoy time with one’s partner or a location whereendless fun is achieved without freedom limitation. Overall, thisadvert reinforces the decade long reputation of Las Vegas as anentertainment location. Even to a total stranger, the advert wording,font, images and appealing phrase used elicits a curiosity urge tothe audienceon what happens in Las Vegas. However, the advertrequired a real pictorial image to give a backing to the wordingused. Furthermore, pictures convey more information than words, andthis would have made the advert more appealing to visitors (King,2002).


King,J. (2002). Destination marketing organizations-connecting theexperience rather than promoting the place. Journalof vocational marketing.Vol.8,Issue 2, pg. 105-108.