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Humanresources manager,

TheCoca-Cola Company

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Icame across your announcement of a vacant position in internationalrelations coordinator in your company website. I am interested in thesaid position as I meet the stated minimum qualifications. I recentlygraduated with a master’s degree in internal business managementfrom Michigan State University. This course has equipped me with theneeded skills to cope in a diverse global business environment.

Duringmy academic life, I have worked part-time as an assistant regionalrelations coordinator at the British firm Cadbury. In this positionI was part of a team responsible for buildingstronger relationshipsbetween the American Cadbury chapter and the parent firm in the UK.Throughthis position, I have gained experience in the workplace environmentand learned how to manage and relate well colleagues from diversebackgrounds and nationalities and developed team building skills. Iwas only forced to leave the position since I could not relocate toanother country and abandon my studies as was required of me.

Theexperience from working at Cadbury combined with my studies at MSUhas helped me develop a well rounded approach to applying myknowledge and skills in the workplace. I am very aware of thechallenges that global firms face operating in a rapidly changing andinterconnected global business environment and the need to developlocal approaches and solutions to local problems. I believe I amstill learning and thus I look forward to additional training andeven furthering my education to improve my competence. The currentposition of an international relations coordinator will allow me tooffer your firm my dedication, loyalty, commitment and competence inperforming my duties as informed by my skills and experience.

Iam looking forward to an interview to examine further my suitabilityfor the said position. I am confident that my strong work ethics,personality, experiences and qualification will be of unequaledbenefit to the firm if offered the chance. Attached with this letteris my resume which captures my qualifications and work experiencebetter. I have also indicated my address above for any communicationfrom you. Thank you for taking the time to review my documents.