ADC Marketing Plan


ADCMarketing Plan


ADCis an e-retailer company selling books and music to the entire world.The company was commenced in 2011 and has become successful in theyears that it has been in business. The success of the business canbe attributed to its capacity to reach many customers in the globalmarket through its strategic marketing and the price at which itoffers its products. Although there are competitors in the marketsuch as Amazon, the company has continued registering profits. Thecompany has not been doing well in China and has a plan ofpenetrating in the Chinese market. Besides, the company has a plan ofintroducing the selling of sportswear online. The target market forthe sportswear is U.S. and China. This will need the implementationof a marketing strategy and introduction of a Merchant Program thatwill make the company to be more locally responsive and grab theadvantage of the growing Chinese and U.S. online market. Besides, itis predicted that an adjustment in structure can also help instrategy implementation. By penetrating into the Chinese market, thecompany will be capable of enhancing its customer base from China,which will be critical in increasing the profits of the company.Besides, the introduction of sportswear in the U.S. and Chinesemarkets will be an avenue for making more profits. Through increasedprofits, the return on investment and shareholder returns will alsoincrease since they are a function of profit.



Itis projected that both the U.S. and Chinese governments will have apolicy that tends to regulate the price of the internet. This impliesthat it will be easy to access the internet at an exceedingly lowprice, which is affordable to customers. This has a likelihood ofincreasing the number of customers that prefer to purchase productsonline. Thus, the political factors are favorable for ADC to sell itsproducts in U.S. and China.


Consumerspending has an upward trend in the Chinese market because of thehigh economic growth in the country. This makes China a good targetmarket for the ADC’s products. The number of online households inChina and U.S. has been increasing and is even predicted to increaseeven more in the coming years, which have an effect of increasingsales in the two markets. Besides, the disposable incomes of theChinese households are predicted to increase, which implies morepotential customers for purchasing the ADC’s products.


Thereis an increase in the use of the social networks, which the companycan use in marketing its products. For instance, the use of Facebookand Twitter has become common in both countries, which implies thatthe company can use the social networks in promoting its products(Brown,2006). Besides, the population that uses the internet is increasingsince most households have received internet connections. Thisprovides the company with an opportunity of increasing its marketshare. However, some customers do not prefer shopping online due tothe financial risk involved (Smith &ampPulford,2002) the company needs to overcome this risk in order to increasethe number of online users.


Inthe current world, there is a need of controlling factors that leadto global warming such as pollution. As such, consumers are opting tosupport environment friendly initiatives. Therefore, most customersare likely to consider purchasing online rather than doing theirshopping in physical stores (Brown,2006). Hence, ADC is likely to have consumers who consider greenenvironment.


Governmentregulations on the use of the internet can affect the operations ofthe ADC Company. Currently, the Chinese government does not prohibitonline legal businesses, which offers an opportunity for thecompany’s operations (Yang,2009). Similarly, the government policy in the U.S. encourages onlinebusinesses, which implies that the company can still rely on the for the sale of its products.


Broadcasting,information and telecommunications technologies for accessing theinternet have increased. This has increased frequency of sources anduse of internet by online shoppers. Besides, the advancement oftechnology in China and U.S. has made it possible to providemedia-rich contents easily to online shoppers.

Theprimary target market for the ADC Company is China, while U.S. is thesecondary target market. The following is an analysis of the 4Ps


Thecompany is already selling music and books to its consumers. However,it wants to penetrate in the Chinese market more since it is notcurrently performing well in China. Besides, the company wants tointroduce sportswear into the Chinese and U.S. markets. Thesportswear are of quality and cuts across all ages.


Theprice for the company’s products is determined such that they arerelatively lower than what the competitors are offering. However, theprice determined by the company must realize profits.


Thecompany promotes its products through using the social media. Inpromoting its products, the company will use Facebook and twitter.Besides, the company will also use its website in promoting its newproducts. Through customer login in into their accounts, they will beable to see the new products.


Thecompany wants to introduce its products to consumers in U.S. andChina. China has a vast population that makes it suitable for theintroduction of the products. Besides, China has a growing populationthat is adopting online shopping. On the other hand, there is a largenumber of consumers using online shopping in the U.S. This makes U.S.a good target market.



Thecompany is not new in the online business, which gives it the abilityto continue providing online services through a strategic marketingstrategy. The company is ready to provide the sportswear


Thecompany already has existing customers and is presented with anopportunity of building more customers due to the growing number ofconsumers switching to the online shopping.


Thereare competitors in the markets, where the company targets to sell itsproducts. Competitors include Amazon and Adidas amongst others.However, the company will be able to survive in the competitivemarket through offering unique and quality products.


Becauseof the need to control global warming, consumers are now switching toonline shopping. Therefore, the operations of the company as ane-retailer are favored by the climate.


Sincethere are different company’s offering the products that thecompany will offer, there may be collaboration between some of thecompanies and ADC in providing the products to customers.


Segmentationfor the sportswear will be based on demographics and lifestyle. Onthe demographics, the sportswear will have designs that considergender and age. The target population for the products will beindividuals of all ages and will include both genders. This impliesthat all consumers can purchase the sportswear. On the other hand,the positioning of the sportswear in the U.S. and Chinese marketsentails markets having competitors.

Performance Analysis




Website visitors

Website visitors will have grown by a small number

The number of visitors will have increased by an exceedingly large margin

Increases in Market share

Market share will grow by a very small margin

Market share will grow by a slightly high margin

Customer Engagement

average customer engagement

High customer engagement


A small margin

A high margin


  1. To increase the level of customer engagement

  2. To enhance customer satisfaction

  3. To provide quality services

  4. To provide website that has an interface that is customer friendly


  1. To increase the market share of the company

  2. To augment the margin

  3. To increase the number of customers engaging with the company

  4. To increase the number of individuals visiting the company’s website

SWOT Analysis



  1. Has financial strength

  2. A wide range of customers since it can sell its sportswear to customers of both gender and all ages

  3. Diversified products

  4. Increasing number of households turning to online shopping

  1. The markets are almost saturated

  2. Loss of customers due to bad treatment by another company offering similar products

  3. Lack of trust amid customers

  4. Building customers may take time



  1. High number of competitors

  2. Unpredictable government policies on internet use

  3. Economic crisis

  4. Customers fearing to take risks of online deals

  1. Growth opportunity

  2. Increase of customers

  3. Increase of market share

  4. Increase of profitability



Task &amp Goals

Experience Level

How the Organization Should Work

Individuals of all ages

To match their lifestyles

To match their various needs

No experience needed

The organization should provide quality products at a considerable price

Strategiesto Assess Performance and Achieve Marketing Goals

Inorder to assess the performance of the company, a performanceanalysis can be performed after every three months in order todetermine whether there is any improvement in performance.Performance can be measured through determining the sales value andwhether there is any change in profits (Beall,2010). The company can assess whether it has achieved the marketinggoals by analyzing every element in the goals and checking whetherthere is a change in the company’s value.


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