Whatdoes signed whispering have in common with whispering in spokenlanguages

Towhisper in spoken languages an individual simply needs to talk in alower voice than he or she would say conversing with the generalpopulation. The purpose of a whisper is to conceal a message betweenthe parties involved. A person can achieve this by saying somethingquietly to the other person so that nobody else hears the message. Onthe off chance that other people hear the message then the personwhispering is not doing it right.

Likewisewith signed whispering one has to conceal the message from the restof the people. For instance a person may use a gesture to alert theother person to check the signs he or she is making under the table.Moreover a few profanities articulated with one hand behind theother when the person whispering in sign language wishes to be morediscrete.

Whatdoes signed yelling have in common with yelling in spoken languagesand are there any differences (aside obviously from the modalityitself ?)

Inboth signed and spoken languages yelling is used to show that aperson is frustrated or he/she disagrees about something.Additionally in the two ways of communicating they both involvehighly charged emotions. However there are some differences insigned and spoken languages way of yelling. In spoken language avolume and tone of voice can be enough to tell that the personspeaking is yelling. Contrary in signed language a person can slamwindows chairs and doors with equal vigor to show his or heremotions.