4913885_Examining the Positive Effects of Text Messaging Abstract

4913885_Examiningthe Positive Effects of Text Messaging


Textinghas become a major form of communication in the temporary society.&nbspItis one of the newer ways of communicating and engaging inconversations using cells phones&nbspand internet. Most people todayat some point, communicate using text messages. Text&nbspmessagesare cost effective and an easy way of transfer a message to friendsand families.&nbspIts cuts the cost and the time that people woulduse making calls especially if one wants to&nbspcommunicate&nbsptoseveral&nbsppeople at&nbspthe same time. However, behind thispopular means of conversation, there are inherent controversies.Some&nbspscholars claim that text kills language and makes peopleantisocial. On the other hand, there are those who believe thattexting is one of the best ways to converse.&nbspThe latter claimsthat text messages provide a wide range of linguistic&nbsppossibilities.Texting is a method of communication that has many positive effectsin the light of modern technology.

Theimportance of communication cannot be gainsaid as far as the overallwellbeing of the society is concerned. Indeed, communication isetched into the life of every aspect of the society, with no progressbeing guaranteed without it. This has necessitated that individualsand societies come up with numerous strategies that would enhance thespeed and efficiency of their communication even in instances wherethey are not within the same geographical location. In the past, thiswould have involved getting messengers to deliver letters toparticular destination. Nevertheless, recent times have seen theadvent of new technologies that have increased the efficacy and speedof communication. This is especially with regard to the entry ofcellphones, which allow individuals to communicate with each otherirrespective of the disparities in their geographical locations.While cell phones are primarily used in making calls, there has beenan increase in the use of its text messaging facilities. Questionshave been raised regarding the effects of text messaging. While theremay be varying opinions, it is evident that text messaging haspositive effects on communication.

Textingis a great way of communication. According to “David Crystal “.He claims that internet and the role it has on texting providespeople with a great opportunity to expand on their linguisticcapabilities. Every time a new technology sets in, people becomealarmed because they think that it will destroy linguistics. Textingis not exempted. People are just skeptical about its new role incommunication however, it does not kill language. One of the mainelements on texting is that it uses abbreviations, which helps insaving the sender’s time and effort. Just like any other code,these abbreviations had become an empowering badge of identity thatfavor a certain group of people. People have always played all typesof language games for fun and for their own satisfaction. This is thesame with texting. It provides new possibilities for creativelanguage games. Texting convections such as numerals,. They also varyacross different cultures and languages making each special groupunique to another (Crystal ).

Textingmakes communication easy and convenient especially for a group ofpeople with similar interests. For example , companies may alert itsemployees on new developments or meetings using text messages.Likewise a group of students inform each other of any news throughtext messages (Crystal 80). One person may send a similar textmessage to a group of people with similar interests. This is mucheasier and cheaper than calling a group of people to inform them onany proceedngs. Additionally, people who live far from each other canuse text messages to reconnect and share their experiences. Texts canalso be used to build a relationship or sharing ideas between people.They can also be used to relief stress and encourage loved ones.

Textmessages are written in a fashion that is different from good writingwhich” John Hamilton McWhorter” Sayed. Mcwhorter he isborn in 1965, is an American&nbsplinguist&nbspand politicalcommentator.&nbspHe is the author of a number of books on languageand on race relations and same minded people believe that texting isassociated with the downfall of written word. According to this view,text messages are written in a fashion . People use symbols that theyare likely to confuse even when writing proper and professionallanguage. This trend is also affecting spoken language. People tendto speak in a language similar to that used in text messages. Forexample, the term LOL has become a common sign in texting. Initially,this text was used to mean laughing out loud. However, people abuseit and use it even when it is not necessary. It has become a commonmethod of communication even when it is out of text (McWhorter). Evenso, written language is different from spoken language. People mayuse codes in writing that are different from what they use in writingcompositions and speak. This means that people speak differently fromhow they text or write. Text messages are short messages intended tobe read and understanding at once. As such, texting is a way ofcommunication using keypad and fingers but not speaking or writing.Thus, texting does not kill language instead, it opens new ways ofeasy communication (Crystal 85). Despite the controversiessurrounding texting, it is evident that it has positive effects. Ithas made communication easier and much faster. Texting is one way ofdeveloping language in the technological world. People can shareimportant news within a short time thanks to texting. however,friends who are far away from each other reconnect even withoutmeeting physically. Whenever a technological advancement comes intobeing, people always fear that it will bring in something they don’tlike it . However, this is not true in all cases , there are severalinstances where technological crowd help in confirm the existingsystem of communication. Therefore, people need not be alarmed aboutthe hint that texting is killing the current language. Without doubt,embracing texting is for the benefit of all.

Inconclusion, text messaging has gained widespread popularity in thecontemporary human society. It refers to short messages intended tobe read and understanding at once. While there may be varyingopinions, it is evident that text messaging does not have negativeeffects on language. As a form of communication, text messaging hasenhanced the efficiency and speed of communication. It simply doublesup as a technique for developing language to the technological world,allowing individuals to share crucial information even when they arein different geographical locations. Concerns pertaining to thenegative effects of text messaging may be interpreted as the fearsthat plague the advent of any new technology especially when itoffsets the current situation.