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In May 2012, America put on its first ever tourism ad campaign incountries like Canada, Britain and Japan. After one month, theyextended the feel good media advert to Brazil, China, Germany,France, South Korea and India (the week staff, 2012). The advertnamed Brand USA, was created by a partnership of the US governmentand American companies as part of an effort to reverse the ten yeardrop in tourism since the 9/11 attacks. Brand America ad communicatesmany things to the target audience. It communicates the messagethrough pictures, colors, font and use of space appropriately. In oneof the advert clips, Roseanne Cash is playing a guitar backed up byvarious musicians signaling tourists to fly in to America, as sparklyshots of classic cadillacs, wedding celebrations and elderly dominoescontinue. This clip specifically goes to the diverse populations andencourages people from all cultures to visit America for classicallyfriendly activities and fun times. The message communicated is thatAmerica has now opened doors for visitors across the globe regardlessof their cultural backgrounds.

The advert also goes out of its way to leave out all national plugsas it evens the advert logo with multicolored dots thus suggestingthat it is not about America but about embracing different worldcultures. The advert did not put its national colors. The advert hasno white, blue or red colors, which are the striking colors of theAmerican flag. It communicates a message of embracingmulticulturalism with feel good music and adventure that neverdisappoints.

Brand America suggests an exciting kind of experience to thevisitors as the selling ad throws everything to viewers including aNative American dance, whitewater rafters, hikers parachuting offorange red cliffs and many catchy activities. It gives a warm feelingof fun, a place where visitors want to be. According to the brandCEO, the goal of the ad was to show case American diversity and mostcertainly reawaken the world’s love affair with the US as theplace, the dream and spirit land. Spreading the message of welcome toAmerica is amongst the top priorities of this advertisement. It isthe first global tourism campaign ever launched and aimed at brandingAmerica massively. Through the advert, the global image of Americaand Americans significantly improved (Mark, 2012).


The ad is attempting to attract and appeal to the diverse audiencesand foreigners. Having it posted in more than ten states means thatthe target audience is almost the entire globe. This advert promiseseverything for everyone from adults to children and the youth. All itwants is to encourage foreigners to visit the dreamland and feelwelcome. The ad can be found online through you tube making itaccessible to people globally. There are different clipscommunicating inviting messages to visitors in different ways. In oneof the clips for example, Roseanne Cash plays a guitar as variousmusicians back her up in a band inviting visitors from differentcultures to feel welcome. This clip specifically encourages peoplefrom all cultures to visit America for classically friendlyactivities and fun times. The message communicated in the advert isthat America has now opened doors for visitors across the globeregardless of their cultural backgrounds. This advert is one of thoserare opportunities where it is not about America but aboutmulti-cultures that tie us together.


The ad has been successful in communicating its intended messages ofwelcoming visitors to America. This has been possible due to puttingall the right elements to complete the advert starting with themessage, pictures, colors, font and use of space. To reachpotential visitors the advert used television spots, digital, youtube, billboards and advertisements in form of print. Thisadvertisement method helps sell tourism through communicating in formof pictures, texts and music. The television spots aired from 15-60seconds and managed to have a greater effect on the television.Billboards are also a great way of communicating to foreigners andreaching many visitors. Through appropriately putting the usefulinformation on the advert, the feelings of the audience are drawn toexploit what is being advertised. I feel that the methods used toadvertise the advertisement greatly appeals and is a suitable way ofpassing the message to visitors. The visitor’s informationportal provided on the advert discoverAmerica.com had vital tips fortrip planning thus making the visitors feel more comfortable. For 236years, America has never thought of advertising tourism andcoordinating a national effort to promote it. However, with thisadvert, it has targeted many countries and populations showingcommitment to make tourism a reality in the dreamland. This advertwill not only promote tourism but tap economic resources withmillions of visitors coming to experience what America has to offer.

The messages communicated are the right ones. The once renowned landof dreams has struggled with reputations of being arrogant andunwelcoming in the last ten years. As a result, this advertencourages foreigners to see America differently. It passed a globalreputation of America’s rich diversity in a fresh and unexpectedlight, inviting visitors to the dreamland. The advert incorporatesmany messages and manages to play an effective role of welcomingvisitors. In my view, other messages would have been communicateddifferently through increasing the messages in the pictures. Thecommunicated messages match with the audience and succeed inpromoting tourism in America. The brand America advert improvestourism and communicates about America as a dreamland.


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