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OpenWorkbench refers to windows software that is used&nbspfor thepurposes of scheduling a project. The application is mostly used byproject managers who wish to plan complete projects that may alsohave some sub-projects. The software can be freely accessed from theinternet, and it allows for both manual and automatic scheduling oftasks, as well as the linking of the same tasks that are scheduled.In addition, with the use of this software, it is possible to assignand define resources that are required to complete the project. OpenWorkbench also allows for the review of projects through the use ofPERT and GANTT charts, which makes it easier to make comparisonsbetween various projects (Shelly &amp Rosenblatt, 2012).

Someof the common features that Open Workbench has include resourcemanagement, project planning, project controlling, as well as projectprocess-plan. The feature of resource management implies that thisprogram can be used to manage employees and determine resources suchas costs of the materials to&nbspbe used,&nbspand how they will beallocated. Project planning relates to the creation of dependencies,and&nbsphow they&nbspwill&nbspbe managed in a project. Projectprocess-plan is a feature in Open Workbench that is used to optimize,as well as schedule the tasks. In addition, this application isuseful in automatically estimating whether the project is feasible ornot. Through Workbench, it is possible to come up with severalreports, and this gives managers the opportunity to exercise controlover the project (OpenWorkbench.org, 2012).

Itis worth noting that the software is very usable when it comes to themanagement, as well as scheduling of projects. The applicationconforms to the ideal standards of project management. With the useof this software, information is provided in such a way that projectmanagers and those involved in the execution of projects can easilylearn what to do. Open Workbench is usable in managing the variousstages through which every project passes. In addition, managers cancome up with a breakdown of the tasks that will be done and the&nbsptimewithin which&nbspthe tasks will be achieved. With the software,managers can customize the information displayed to suit their needs(Shelly &amp Rosenblatt, 2012).

Thereare certain pros and cons that can be associated with the use of OpenWorkbench in project management. One&nbspbenefit&nbspof&nbspthisapplication is that it is freely accessible from the internet. Theapplication also gives the user an opportunity to have simplevisualization as such, the application becomes easy to use since itis not complex. Another advantage of the application includes itsability to export, as well as import, other formats from applicationssuch as Office Project Standard. Despite its many benefits, theapplication has some cons one of the major cons includes theinability of the software to print the user’s review. Thislimitation may challenge users who want their reviews printed. Theapplication is also limiting&nbspbecause of&nbspits&nbspincompatibility.It cannot be of use to managers who want to use Microsoft Word 2007because the only application it is compatible with is Office ProjectStandard (OpenWorkbench.org, 2012).

Basedon my evaluation, the software is very useful as it helps managers toplan their projects effectively. The application is of great value tome as it has helped me understand some of the simple methods that canbe applied in the management of the project. Given the opportunity tomanage a project in the future, I will make use of this software.


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