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Ihave a Chinese background I was born and brought up in China, butwhen I was 16 years old, I came to the United States. When I wasstill young, I discovered that I had an interest in numbers. Forinstance, when I was sent to the shop to purchase an item, I could bein a position to tell the shopkeeper how much he was supposed to giveback as change. Besides, the interest in numbers developed furtherwhen I started schooling since I could always score high inmathematics subject. This always made teachers and parents back athome exceedingly happy at my ability of providing solutions to mostmathematical problems. Indeed, this made teachers and my parentsencourage me to even perform high in the subject. Before I joinedhigh school, I performed exceedingly well in the final grade, whichsaw me receive one of the best ever received school awards since Iwas the best student in mathematics in the schools in our province.

Uponjoining high school, I developed the same spirit that I was good atmathematics. This emanated from the excellent performance in thenational exam that I had previously finished in my final grade. Onjoining high school, I received assistance from teachers that made meeven like the subject more. Since I performed well in mathematics,performance in most of the other subjects was also excellent.However, mathematics always remained the subject that I performedexceedingly well compared to other subjects. In high school, I washighly encouraged by the head of the mathematics department to jointhe mathematics club in order to get an opportunity of participatingin mathematics contests both internally and out of the school. Whilein the mathematics club, I became one of the most selected teammembers that represented the school whenever there was a mathematicscompetition. In china, I had the opportunity of attending manymathematics competitions.

Itwas through the participation in different mathematics competitionsin China that I was in a position to secure an internship with abank. While working as an intern in the bank, I was in a position toput into practice what I had learnt in class this helped in raisingthe hopes of once becoming an accountant. In the bank, I employed theskills of accuracy and speed taught in handling customers. In fact, Ilearnt about counting paper money, where I can now count 100 papermoney in 30 seconds. I was very excited at making such a remarkablemove as an intern. I learnt a lot of items as an intern, which are ofimmense importance to my future career.

Ihave a dream of becoming an accountant in the future, which can beaccomplished by the skills that I have and the knowledge that I willgain by joining your institution. In the university, I have animmense desire of becoming an accounting major. I know I can achievemore by joining your institution since it is an academic excellencecenter that has produced many individuals of great professions. Iknow through remaining committed, I will be in a position to becomeone of the best professionals from your institution. Besides, throughthe skills that I have gained, I will be in a position to achievesuccess in your institution as an accounting major student.


Culturaldifference is one of the most barring element to individuals relatingin a healthy and constructive manner. As humans, it is sometimesdifficult for a person to interact with another person of a differentculture. This may be due to differences in language and way ofconstruing meanings to non-verbal cues. For instance, the way ofinterpreting non-verbal communications for a Chinese may be totallydifferent for a Mexican because the two individuals have differentcultures. When I came from China to the United States, I met a lot ofchallenges. One of the greatest challenges was interacting withothers since the culture and language were different. When I got tothe United States, I thought I would meet many Chinese students, whomwe could share a lot of things such as sharing the culturalidentities, but I learnt that they were exceedingly few. In fact, inmy first week, I had only met one Chinese friend, whom we could notalways meet because he was travelling back to China. On the otherhand, English, being my second language, I had difficult times withissues such as pronunciation.

BecauseI could not pronounce words like the other United States’individuals, I was first of all afraid of talking to them. Besides, Icame to understand that their culture was different in terms of foodand music among other things, which made me just give an eager tolearn eye. Although we were different in terms of culture andlanguage, I was eager to learn and I could not spend all my lifewithout interacting. In order to get over the challenge of languageand cultural barrier, I had to make friendship with Americans. As amatter of fact, I made my first American friend through playingtennis. This was a great moment since although there was a differencein culture and language amidst us we were able to interactcomfortably.

Uponmaking friendship through playing soccer with the first American, Icame to realize that it is feasible to interact with anyone, despitethe cultural differences or language differences that may exist.Within the next few days, I was very comfortable to interact andengage with Americans, which I valued significantly. This is because,in the present world, one must be in a position to interact withdifferent cultures since it is possible to study or work anywhere inthe world. No matter where a person comes from, he/she has to becapable of interacting with others since this is the age ofglobalization. Once a person is able to interact with other cultures,he/she can learn in any environment presented.