Whatis the primary element of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 1996that affects copyright within the U.S. in online environments?Describe the DMCA and explain why the act is an essential ornon-essential piece of legislation.

Theprimary element of the DMCA that affects copyright within the U.S. inonline environments entails creating limitations on the liability ofonline service providers for consideration of copyright infringement,when being involved in certain activities. The DMCA has five titlesand addresses various issues. The Act enforces some rules thatrestrict circumventing of technological protection measures. It alsosets limits on copyright infringement liability for OSPs. Besides, itoffers a significant updating of the policies and proceduresconcerning archival preservation and commands a study of distanceeducative activities in a networked environment. Apart from this, theAct enlarges an existing exemption for producing copies of computerprograms. The Act is essential since it tends to protect serviceproviders from any monetary liability on the ground of allegedlyinfringing third party activities through the safe harbors that itprovides.

Whatis prosumer? How do prosumers differ from previous models of consumerbased economies? Identify at least one business that relies onprosumers for its business model to work

Prosumerimplies a professional consumer. Rather than just remaining aconsumer, the consumer has now become a professional consumer.Because of the high disposable income, increased leisure time, andfalling prices, among other factors, consumers have reached a pointwhere they command skills that can be equated to that ofprofessionals thus the term prosumers. Prosumers differ fromprevious models of consumer based economies in that they have becomevoices of the products that they consume, which implies that they canadvocate for a brand that they consume. So, it is not just a matterof consuming, but they show professionalism. One of the businessesthat rely on prosumers for its business model to work is thephotography business.

Whatis Net Neutrality? Identify three companies that are FOR and threecompanies AGAINST net neutrality. Give three reasons why the FORcompanies would want net neutrality and three reasons why the AGAINSTcompanies would not want net neutrality

Netneutrality entails a network design model, which argues for broadbandnetwork suppliers to be entirely detached from information sent overtheir networks. According to net neutrality, there should be no bitof information, which should become prioritized over another.Companies that are FOR net neutrality include Facebook, Google, andMicrosoft, while companies that are AGAINST net neutrality includeApple, Verizon Communications, and Comcast. Reasons for supportingnet neutrality include non-discrimination, thus providing a faircompetition ground ensures that there is customer satisfaction andsupports innovations. On the other hand, companies are against thenet neutrality because it denies them the opportunity to limit whattheir customers can view, eliminates the ability of an internetprovider to determine the price it can charge for its services, andhinders firms from slowing or increasing the speed at which they canprovide the internet services.

Doyou own the content you create on Facebook? Argue for or against yourownership of the content using material from class

Inthe present age, most people share communication electronically.Facebook is one of the ways through which one can communicateelectronically. After creating a Facebook content, I believe that theperson that creates the content owns it. This is because the contentthat is created can be used for or against the person that createdit. For instance, it is due to the ownership of the Facebook contentthat Elonis was found guilty because it was believed that he ownedthe content. In Elonis v, United States, Elonis became convicted ofseveral charges due to the statements that he had made on Facebook.Therefore, the content that one creates in Facebook, he/she owns it.Hence, it is exceedingly important for a person to be aware of theimpacts that the content he creates has on him/her and others.